Altar’d Gets a Second Season

I have a few announcements rollin’ out over the next few weeks.

Today, I’m sharing one of them!

But first…

I have been in Chicago this past week and it hit 80 degrees the other day! In case you don’t know me, this is my happy temperature. The warmer it gets , the happier I am.

Alive, free, warm, open. Yes! This is obviously my favorite time to take lots and lots of Soul Strolls!!

If you are looking for a little inspo to get you out and moving and you are starting to feel the fire of desire move you into action, I highly recommend our most popular Soul Stroll,

The Soul Stroll Single: The Magic of Taking Action.

This 30 min soundtrack combined with mantras and coaching is guaranteed to get you out of your head and into your heart so that inspired action feels like a breeze.


Ok, on to my first announcement!

As you may know, last year I shot a TV show called Altar’d which aired on Z Living, America’s fastest growing TV network.

Well, we have just found out that we have been renewed for a second season!!

Aaand, it was nominated for a REAL SCREEN award in the same category as Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. (That’s some goooood company if I do say so myself!)

This is all really exciting news for a few reasons.

First, it’s really rare for a show to get a second season in general.

I know you have seen shows come and go. So the fact that they have confidence in the concept and the job that my co-host Chris and I did, is really a great compliment.

But more importantly, if you watched the show, you saw that this was not a show about Extreme Weight Loss. (Of course you know, that is not what I believe in and I stuck to my Shrink Session guns on this.)

The show is about the real struggles people go through to create a transformation in their lives and the importance of looking at change not only through the lens of diet and exercise, but more importantly through lifestyle, beliefs, habits and thoughts.

Obviously, I was thrilled to bring my perspective to national television and look forward to making you proud for yet another season!

(BTW, my husband and I will be in LA from July – Sept. I hope to teach a few classes while there, so stay tuned if you are in Los Angeles! Also, we are looking for a temp sublet if you happen to have any leads on apartments or houses in the Los Angeles area 🙂


In case you missed it the other week, I shared that I had partnered with my favorite non-toxic skin care and makeup line, Beautycounter.

The reviews are in, and those that purchased product are BEYOND LOVING IT!! I keep getting emails from people thanking me for finally introducing them to a line that is more than just a product, Beautycounter is a mission.

If you are interested in either gettin’ yourself some goodies or joining me on the mission, you can find out all you need HERE.

Or shoot us an email. I am thrilled about all the folks who run mindful businesses who are adding this to their arsenal. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if this piques your interest.

Ok, I think we covered it for today.

Like I said, I have a few more pretty BIG announcements coming your way in the next two weeks. So I will see you next week with another one!

Here’s to soul strollin’ in the gorgeous weather!



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