Don’t Wait to Celebrate!

Happy Tuesday!

Today is a day for celebration! Why? Because I said so. Oooooh.

That sounded so authoritative, but the truth is, as much as I love a good celebration, I have a very difficult time allowing myself to do it. 

I recently gave my first live lecture, one of my goals this year and for some reason, I was like… well… umm, it’s not THAT big of a deal.


Yes it is. It’s a big deal and something to celebrate. And so is the time I spent loving up my niece and nephew this summer. And the fact that I did a 3 day juice cleanse (something I thought I would NEVER do!). And the fact that even though I just did it a few months ago, I RE-LAUNCHED my website AGAIN!! 

These are all big deals. And for some crazy reason, I don’t let myself celebrate them. 

It’s a real bummer and something I am committed to changing.

Don’t Wait to Celebrate! 5 Excuses We Make

In today’s video, I am giving you top the 5 EXCUSES I throw down, that delay my happiness and keep me from celebrating. I am wondering if you relate or even have some of your own excuses? And I am giving you an ACTION ITEM. A to do, if you will. It will take you 5 min, you can write it in the comment section and will move you into that celebratory feeling, immediately!




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