Don’t Wait to Celebrate!

Happy Tuesday!

Today is a day for celebration! Why? Because I said so. Oooooh.

That sounded so authoritative, but the truth is, as much as I love a good celebration, I have a very difficult time allowing myself to do it. 

I recently gave my first live lecture, one of my goals this year and for some reason, I was like… well… umm, it’s not THAT big of a deal.


Yes it is. It’s a big deal and something to celebrate. And so is the time I spent loving up my niece and nephew this summer. And the fact that I did a 3 day juice cleanse (something I thought I would NEVER do!). And the fact that even though I just did it a few months ago, I RE-LAUNCHED my website AGAIN!! 

These are all big deals. And for some crazy reason, I don’t let myself celebrate them. 

It’s a real bummer and something I am committed to changing.

Don’t Wait to Celebrate! 5 Excuses We Make

In today’s video, I am giving you top the 5 EXCUSES I throw down, that delay my happiness and keep me from celebrating. I am wondering if you relate or even have some of your own excuses? And I am giving you an ACTION ITEM. A to do, if you will. It will take you 5 min, you can write it in the comment section and will move you into that celebratory feeling, immediately!




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14 Responses to Don’t Wait to Celebrate!

  1. Regina says:

    1. I had my film screening!!! I did it I really did it!!! It’s not perfect but it’s the first step to making it perfect!

    2. I started filming my web-series!!! I did it I really did it!!!!!! There are road bumps but it’s on it’s way!!!!!

    3. I learned how to REALLY use Final Cut Pro!!! I did it !!!!!1 (have I said that before?) It was very hard but then I took a class and now it is very EASY!!!!!!

    4. I have built a routine for managing the wine bar!!!! It makes my life easy and stress free!!!!!! I did it!!!!!!!!!

    5. The new bar is on its way!!!! I have a meeting for it tonight!!!! WE DID IT!!!!!!! 1.5 years in the making finally making it happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Erin says:


      Just want to acknowledge that ALL of these are goals you set up in Magical Manifesters! You did them all!

      I am so proud of you, totally impressed and inspired!!

      Congratulations Woman!!


  2. Melody says:

    Hey Erin!

    Glad you survived Irene πŸ˜€

    #1 Spent the ENTIRE summer visiting with nieces & nephews & switching kids back & forth for a couple months. It’ll be a summer to remember.

    #2 Made that trip to the mountains with my hubby & girls. It was wonderfully amazing for us to get away like that. We don’t do it often enough. But we made it happen!

    #3 Photo shoot!!! Pictures will be released soon… stay tuned.

    #4 Took the lawnmower to get repaired! Woohoo, I love mowing the grass and missed it soooo bad. (Well my husband took it, I just finally put my foot down & said “Today! please :-)”

    #5 Sleeping in… Oh My Goodness… I love getting plenty of rest. I made sure it happened EVERY SINGLE DAY this summer. Now I’m going strong with my Fall Clients!!!!

    • Erin says:


      Yes, we survived Irene:)

      YAYAYAY!! Sounds like you had an incredible summer filled with love and fun:) I love that you got your lawnmower fixed and that you love mowing! Makes sense to have a working mower:)

      Can’t wait to see your pics, too.

      Congrats on all this goodness and thanks for sharing. Love getting to know even more about you.


  3. Laura Baran says:

    I’m celebrating my wonderful relationship, friendships, new painting ideas, Arts & Dreams getting to partner with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (big dream of mine!) real soon, having gone to the beach 3 times this summer after 0 times last summer and YEA!!!! Love You, Thank You!!

    • Erin says:

      YES, LB, YES!!

      Love that you got yourself to the beach!

      And what a huge thing to celebrate, the partnership with AFSP! That touches my heart on so many levels. Congratulations!

      Keep on celebratin’ girl!


  4. Morning, sunshine : ) I LOVE your Vlog and had to post. I’ve had an incredible summer! Here’s what I celebrate:

    1. Manifesting my new, preciou,s dream come true studio apartment in Chelsea!! Moving in 9/15. Lease signed!

    2. I finally got out of the dead end non relationship relationship I was in for 2 years (on and off)!!!!!! DONE.

    3. I traveled to Italy for the first time on vacation and out of that trip I also booked a travel article for Stay tuned, it’s going live on 9/15 (same day as my move in date, wowee!!)!!!

    4. I joined a theater company, booked two roles in two short plays, directed and read for a short reading, had my 1 act read at the same short reading, met with a producer who inspired me to adapt my 1-act into a short film, came up with a killer feature screenplay idea I can’t wait to start writing, became CLEAR AS A BELL that I am an actress/writer/director/producer and am in love with it all!

    5. Grew my Central Park intenSati class! We had an AMAZING summer together!!

    Thanks, Erin! Congrats to YOU and all the other celebrants posting. See you in in the ‘hood and in class! XO

    • Erin says:


      You knocked it out of the park this summer! So inspired by all these major changes and that trip to Italy!

      I am psyched to have you in the hood and can’t wait to see how this new screenplay comes together!

      Thank you so much for posting this! It gives me a thrill!


  5. Lady, lady – I love your new website and all these great classes. Your V-log is such an amazing combination of who you are. Muahh (big kiss)!

    I had a great summer under some serious challenges and it feels great to celebrate:

    1. Got laid off from a job in a serious negative environment that I was planning to leave anyway. As a result I learned how to be more financially responsible, taught at a new gym and got a free membership, made new friends, and had more time to search for the perrrrfect new job like a warrior banshee.

    2. I have an unlimited mental health rider with no co-pay form the above job (thank you United Healthcare), which translates in to FREE THERAPY – holy cow! I was able to work extensively with an extraordinary and life-changing therapist/coach.

    3. I began my yoga certification (a dream of mine)one-on-one with a master yogi by barter (tis true).

    4. I found my Dharma and decided to go back to grad school for my PhD in Theatre and Creativity – having the time of my life emailing professors I want to study with around the country and studying my buns off for the GRE.

    5. Culitvated an amazing and deeper relationship with my boyfriend.

    Thank you Erin for your continued inspiration!
    Much love,

  6. Erin says:


    This is all fantastic stuff! WOW! I am loving this back to school stuff, including the yoga training.

    Very much to celebrate!

    And thank you for the website love. I appreciate it.


  7. Karie Hill says:

    Erin, I want to marry your videos (is that creepy?).

    Let’s celebrate, bitches!!

    1. The new and improved KARIEHILL.COM. Celebrate!

    2. I did DiAlto’s ‘Tighter in 10’ and didn’t die. Celebrate!

    3. Chicago North Av. beach trips. Celebrate!

    4. Perfect attendance in Zumba and “Most Improved” award..Double celebrate cause this lady is verrry uncoordinated!

    5. I made bad a** homemade salsa TWO times. Celebrate!

    • Erin says:

      I love you KH!!

      Congrats on finishing Tighter In 10 and a perfect attendance at Zumba!?! What, what!?

      You are amazing. I am celebrating here with you on all this good stuff. The website ROCKS, btw!!!


  8. Paige says:

    Awesome concept Erin- here’s a few small things to celebrate for now!

    β€’ Doing my first Meditation Challenge!
    β€’ Quitting a job to make space for something newer and better!HUGE! And have I really celebrated? I think NOT! I’ve been waiting for something bigger and better. Silly me!
    β€’ Doing my first Juice Cleanse!
    β€’ Getting a tan for the first time in years bc I’ve been to the beach so many times! (Yes, I know it’s hard to believe, but this is my tan)
    β€’ Buying silverware for our apt (been needing to do this for waayyy too long!)

    Thanks for the reminder, E!

    Much love, blessings

  9. 1. Moved into a new apt with my honey in NJ {PLUS: we can see the Manhattan Skyline!}

    2. Got on the slow-it-down track to better health.

    3. My honey got a brand new job in Rockefeller Center!

    4. Just finished an amazing Twitter Results E-Course with the lovely Therese Cator. πŸ˜‰

    5. Today I relaunched my website!!! Best news of September yet. And its only day one πŸ™‚