Finish Your Year with Three Simple Questions

I am down in sunny south Florida right now, ending the year with big amounts of much needed vitamin D.

I wanted to pop in real quick for two reasons:

1) I wanted to let you know that I have re-opened the doors for the Shrink Session program, with a few new goodies.

2) I wanted to share a new year tradition and ask you 3 important questions! I believe these questions will help clear the slate of the past year, so you can be on your way to having a powerful new year.

While some people love the excitement around “kick starting” a brand new year, I know others feel a certain amount of pressure to make it “the best year EVER!”

While I’m not a fan of putting extra pressure on ourselves, I am a big fan of finding better, more consistent ways to be kinder to ourselves.

Before launching into a ton of intention and goal setting for the year ahead, I find there is great power in taking a few moments to reflect on past 12 months.

By taking this time, by engaging in these new year traditions, we can deepen the learning we received from our experiences throughout the year.

If we look at it from the right perspective, we may see that each wave of experience brought an opportunity to deepen the connection with yourself and the relationships you hold dear in your life.

Perhaps in reflecting, you may have the opportunity to love yourself
regardless of whether you succeeded or failed, laughed or cried, did a whole lot or did very little.

I have been meditating on a quote that was shared by one of our Shrink Session community members:

“In order to love who you are, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you.” -Andrea Dykstra

My hope for you this coming year is that your heart stays open to feel more love (especially towards yourself) so that you may connect regularly with your own divinity, knowing you can step into its flow at anytime.

With that, here are THREE questions that can help you clear the slate for the year. Take a few moments to cozy up with these questions. And if you like, go ahead and share them in the comments. I think you will enjoy them.

(Some of these questions are inspired by a lovely writer and photographer named Susannah Conway. Please feel free to check out more of her work here.)

1. What did you embrace in 2014?

2. What did you finally let go of?

3.  What surprised you in 2014?


4. What are you most proud of?

As I said, take a moment. Write these down in your journal or feel free to leave a comment below.

Lastly, if you’re like me and want to lovingly ease into what it means to get a fresh start this new year, then I wanted to let you know we still have space in our Shrink Session program with ALL the special bonuses.

We even added a brand new program, Ready, Set, GLOW! New Year – Fresh Start January challenge.

This month-long program features weekly workout calendars, meditations, writing prompts, plus MORE!  I have so many surprises for you, I can’t wait to share!

Plus, I’ll be providing tons of support to help you start 2015 in Shrink style.

I decided that I couldn’t let 2014 come to a close without re-opening the doors one last time for you to join us.

The community that Shrink Session attracts really is one of a kind, if I do say so myself. They are generous, free-spirited, supporting, and kind.

Here are a few quick examples of how members feel when they decide to join:

If you want to join us, you can do so by clicking HERE. 

I want to thank you for being a part of my 2014 and allowing space for me in your inbox and life. I feel quite honored.
Happy New Year!



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