Taking Small Steps to Feel Better

Hello Gorgeous-

I hope for those of you in the full swing of summer, you are enjoying all that this season has to offer.

I am currently in LA, shooting the second season of Altar’d.

And in case you missed my last and biggest announcement, my husband and I are expecting a baby girl this coming November!

We are over the moon excited about this new and grand adventure.

I promise to share the journey with you regarding pregnancy, motherhood when that happens and all the thoughts, beliefs, struggles, highs and lows that come when life changes dramatically.

I thought I would start by sharing what might be a surprising revelation.

It’s really more of a CONFESSION. About my body.

And I was a little nervous to share it.

But, I want to be really honest with you right now.

Knowing that I am not my “regular size” and only going to be increasing in size over these next few months, while being FILMED for a TV show, is not easy.

It brings up all the old emotional issues around body image, not enoughness, self-judgement, and disappointment.

Yes, I know. I’m pregnant.

And yes, I am BEYOND thrilled and excited about this little baby’s arrival.

So maybe you’re thinking, but Erin, your changing body should be celebrated. It’s beautiful. It’s natural. This is the ultimate step into womanhood.

Yes, it is all those things. And I certainly have moments when I feel that way. And I love and celebrate it.

And then… some days, it just feels hard. Even though it intellectually makes sense that this is healthy and wonderful, it doesn’t stop some of the old subconscious tapes from playing now and again.

This is a time that I have almost no control over changes that are occurring. And I realize how much I like to feel in control and how hard it is to let. Go.

On top of that, I’m unable to do any intense exercise at the moment (ironic!) due to a few small complications. (Everything is fine, just have to take it super easy.)

So, Soul Strolling is my very best friend right now!

I really feel as though it’s an opportunity.

It’s a chance to continue to heal some of those old messages I gave myself when I was younger.

And to surrender. Surrender. Sometimes the hardest thing to do. And it takes conscious effort. Everyday.

To help myself, I spend time getting my head and my heart into the right place.

I close my eyes and focus on my breath. I say my mantras. I get grateful. I reach out to friends for support and reminders.

And I remind myself of not only the miracle that I am creating, but the miracle that I AM.

Whether pregnant or not, this is the practice we all have an opportunity to do when we are dealing with changes that are beyond our control, where we feel pulled by our own negative thoughts, or where we find our own self-judgement to be less than kind.

Taking Small Steps to Feel Better

We can stay stuck in our discomfort or we can move ourselves to a better place where we feel better. Each and every day. The choice is always ours.

The choice is always ours.

So, I ask you, Gorgeous, what choice are you making today in regards to your body?

I mean, look, this body of yours. It is what it is.

For today.

How can you move into greater acceptance of where you are, knowing that you can ALSO at the same time, take small steps to feel better?

When it comes to our bodies, at the very least, most of us can walk.

It is the defining motion of humans. And as I said, as I move through this time unable to truly exercise in the way I desire, I am doing whatever it takes to get 10,000 steps in.

If you would like to join me on a Soul Stroll, check out the Soul Stroll Vol. 1: I Am A Magnet for Success.

It comes with a beautiful gratitude workout, mantra cards, the soundtrack (of course!) and more!

You can get it right over here.

And then, I would like to invite you to leave a comment below and share ONE thing you like to do when you feel like you have no control. What is the one that you can do that helps bring you back to yourself and peace of mind?

I am looking to you for support and ideas by the way, so come on over and share some of your tips and tricks with me.

As challenging as this time in my life is, it is also extremely awe inspiring and amazing. The miracle of it all is most definitely NOT lost on me. I mean, a human! Growing inside me. It’s wild, wouldn’t you agree?

Looking forward to sharing more with you!



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27 Responses to Taking Small Steps to Feel Better

  1. Malaika says:

    Congratulations! I’d say listen to yourself and your body. Exactly like you say in al your videos.
    Just take your own advice 😉

    I wish you a wonderfull journy!

  2. Lynne says:

    Congratulations Erin! Lovely news 💖👍💖🤗💖
    You will be amazing, I would look for inspiration from other healthy pregnant mamas on tv, seeing how amazing they look and the beauty with the baby growing is magical ✨
    Love soul strolls!

  3. Teresa says:

    Gosh I needed to hear your message today Erin. And so happy to receive the Soul Stroll. My challenge is that on Monday I got pathology report on endometrial cancer reoccurrence after 4 years. I’m in the emotional period of waiting for imaging to determine extent etc. And I need to be in the making the most of each day place. Thanks for sharing. Live,laugh love

  4. Nazeemah says:

    When I feel like I can’t control something, I imagine wrapping it up in a parcel, and giving it to God.

    Sometimes I talk to God and say ok… So here I am GOd . You better catch me, and I imagine I’m falling over a cliff and God catches me.

  5. Tracey Lutz says:

    Congratulations, Erin! Such an exciting time for you. I understand the mixed emotions regarding body image and I’m sure many women have experienced the same feelings of immense joy coupled with concern over how their bodies are changing. I know I did :). I’m in my late 50’s now and still struggle with loving my body as it is and celebrating my special uniqueness. It’s my journey and at the same time, it’s every woman’s journey. I am committing to loving myself unconditionally and it is really hard, but I work at it every day. Blessings to you and your husband and your little one.

  6. JulieAnn says:

    Having been ‘exactly’ where where you are now in your youth/career/self journey many years ago, please know this…YOU made a HUGE difference for me three years ago! I’ve found my way back because of you. Of course it will not take you 15 yrs as it did me, because u r u! An amazing inspiration to so many of us. But in our own way ‘we’ are here for you too. Breathe and be where you are…wishing for you an amazing journey, filled with health and love!
    Namaste, JulieAnn

  7. NanC says:

    2 home births! I say drink first, eat second. It’s unusual how the signal for thirst is identical to hunger.

  8. Ann Dowd says:

    Hello from Scotland congratulations on your pregnancy. I am absolutely delighted for you and Lance. It’s such an exciting time for you both. I realise it’s hard to slow down but you have precious cargo on board. Do what your body allows. I love to Soulstroll first thing going in the morning as it sets me up for the day. It lifts your spirit gives you focus. I use it on my rebounder or walking on the bad days I just listen.
    You are going through lots of changes in your body. I will say as I got to the end of my pregnancy I used to say I felt like a burst couch. Which might seem harsh but if you think of all the love and experience a burst couch has. Sounds kinda crazy but most of us have a favourite seat or couch that we live to spend time with. Take it easy care for you and your precious gift and do what you can .
    Do not beat yourself up. Media has a lot to do with the image issues we all have.
    Once baby arrives you will be on the go and get back to all the things you can. But you change as the live bond with your baby is so strong.
    Ax 😍

  9. Shannon says:

    Erin, your mantra ” It’s all working out, it’s all getting done has changed my life in so many ways” when I’m struggling and being hard on myself, this is my go to , I almost always instantly feel like I will get through whatever is seeking to discourage me~ Big Congrats on new baby news❤️

  10. Jody Hug says:

    Thank you for
    Your perfectly timed message. I am dealing with sciatica and can only walk, no exercising, no bending over!
    I am trying to tell myself ” This to will pass “.
    I remember some really hard times in my past and see that I got through them and I am fine.
    “The sun will come out tomorrow “!
    Hope you can enjoy each day. Thank you for you!

  11. Stephanie says:

    First off CONGRATS!!!! you will be an amazing and inspiring Mom!!! No doubt at that.
    When I feel overwhelmed and not good enough,thin enough etc. I now (because of your teachings) grab my phone put on a soul stroll and go outside! For me taking a minute to enjoy the breeze, sun, or clouds makes me be mindful that I AM ENOUGH, I HAVE ENOUGH and I AM STRONG ENOUGH!!!!!! Sending love from MA.

  12. Mariana says:

    Erin -CONGRATULATION! it is so great to hear this gorgeous news. Wish you all the best thoughts and positive vibrations to walk with you in the pregnancy journey. Can’t wait the updates. It is not often I am replying back, but this time I did without any hesitation.
    I am living also challenging times: I got 5 extra kgs, lost my job with the company reorg then lost my best friend in a car accident last month and instantly I learned to reassess what is important in life and what matters. Jobs I will find for sure in the future. Bringing my friend back is not possible. I am now grateful to my time with me, with my family – an opportunity to rediscover what I want to do next. Hugs and best thoughts to you! Mariana

  13. Laura Baran says:

    Thanks for sharing! I felt the same way when I was pregnant! And all my femme empowerment about the beauty of women’s bodies creating and carrying life — it was overshadowed by the pervasive thoughts about my size and largeness. I had to continually remind myself — and ask my husband to help remind me, too — that all the awe and wonder at other pregnant women, and their changing bodies, also applies to ME. And that everyone outside of me saw me as gorgeous and glowing in my growth. The changes in our pregnant bodies are among the first in a series of constant changes in our lives when we expand our family. It’s helpful looking back now and seeing I could have allowed more time to mourn the loss of my old self and old body and old way of doing things, and process each change in the moment with prayers and love. There are many more changes to come, and I am sending blessings of comfort, ease and love as you transition!

  14. Venetia Makshanoff says:

    Thanks for your honesty this morning, Erin. It reminded me of a story from Eating in the Light of the Moon by Anita Johnston. I’m way past childbearing age, but still struggle sometimes with body image, food issues, etc. And that’s really one of the things that I find is most helpful… honesty. Being honest with myself about how I’m feeling, being able to share with others how I’m feeling. Which is why I wanted to post a comment on your blog. I’ve been resistant the last few weeks to taking care of myself the way I want to. And yesterday I ate more food than I needed… nothing major, but I knew I was not hungry when I said yes to food last night. It’s been creeping up on me. So this morning I did some tapping about resistance… and up came “it’s the only way I get noticed.” But I don’t think that’s working for me any more. So today, I choose to release the resistance and bring openness and vulnerability back into my life. I think I’ll join you on your Soul Stroll… sounds like a plan!! Happy strolling and happy baby planning!!

  15. Mary says:

    As an older woman, I am going through physical changes that are hard to watch. I still hold on the image of myself being in my thirties. Now I am 64 (yikes!) and dealing with new physical limitations while at teh same time pressing forward to do more and more with my body. There are pains that don’t go away. Sometimes, it is depressing. But life goes on and we all do the best we can do to stay happy and healthy.

  16. Darlene says:

    After having my daughter, it was like a switch flipped inside of me. All of the things I used to hate about my body seemed so trivial, so naive. My arms? I started putting them in tank tops for walks with my newborn around the neighborhood that summer. It was HOT. I was STRONG. My arms are flabby, oh well! It suddenly seemed absolutely *ridiculous* for me to have hidden so much of my body for so long. My body, that brought this magical little person to life. I still have issues with my body in some ways, but for the most part, seeing how incredibly strong and powerful my body could be creating life really opened my eyes to what’s important to me. Watching her grow so fast only serves as a reminder for me, that life is too short to spend so much energy worrying about looks, of all things. The world is watching you, yes, but they are watching what you will soon see is nothing short of amazing. I’m so happy for you!

  17. Lisa says:

    Erin, I felt the same way when I was pregnant! I even had a man say to me, when I told him I was pregnant, “oh you’re going to lose that beautiful body.” But I can tell you that after my daughter was born, when I could look back at the pregnancy journey, I would tell my beautiful daughter that if I had just known it was HER, I would never have cared a moment about feeling big or unattractive. When you meet this being that will arrive to teach you so much, you will realize that during those moments you might not have felt so well, you were making eyeballs! or lungs! or toenails! I believe, as you have already figured out, that not being control is the hardest part. The fact that you have acknowledged that means you are going to be fine. You know right where to put your focus if those old tapes start running. Be sure to be aware enough to ENJOY the times when you’re feeling great. I promise this is going to be more worth it than you can ever imagine.

  18. Robin Beymer says:

    Congratulations on your pregnancy Erin! That’s fabulous news! Embrace every moment of the blessed time. It will go so quickly and is such a miracle. You are beautiful! Thanks for sharing the news! Love, Robin Beymer

  19. Natalia says:

    Hello, Erin, thank you for the time you gave to write the post about accepting changes that you do not ahve control over. Recently I experienced something like that. When I soften to the situation, accept it with humble spirit, the world softens.
    “Something amazing happens when we surrender and just love. We melt into another world, a realm of power already within us. The world changes when we change. The world softens when we soften. The world loves us when we choose to love the world. Become more accepting. With every interaction, surrender any tendency to judge another person. Pray for a more accepting heart.” – Marianne Williamson
    Pregnancy is a great way to learn surrending and experience the fruit of it. I pray God to bless your pregnancy and the girl and the father.

  20. Leigha says:

    Hi Erin-what wonderful news and after having 7 pregnancies and birthing 4 beautiful babies(two 7 pound bubs and two 9 pounds)-I am still in awe of the miracle of pregnancy and birth.In hindsight-Id have rested and relaxed more and been kinder to myself through the pregnancies (unfortunately I did not have a supportive husband or family).You already have an amazing body and it will return to its beautiful form (without too much change)given some TLC during and after your birth. I would recommend pregnancy yoga/stretches to ensure your muscles etc are relaxed to accommodate your growing baby.I did focus at times on contracting my tummy and pelvic floor muscles as they stretch alot through the pregnancy.Water births (I had 2)are so gentle and supportive of your baby belly,offer much pain relief and I wished I had birthed all of my babies in this way. Much less stressful for Mum and Bub.
    I was larger than you are now, when I 1st became pregnant-yet within a few months of having my 1st born son-My tummy was flatter than before I became pregnant and I had lost alot of weight by nine months after the birth -without trying too hard. I just kept up my walking daily,stretching and breastfeeding. I did eat healthy,whole foods during and after my pregnancies. It does go fast so please enjoy all the moments, as you will be so grateful you did.
    Just to end, Id like to share with you what my wise 4 year old daughter-Ariahn told me, when I commented on my belly button and tummy not quite being in the shape it was before I had children. She put her tiny arms around my bare tummy and kissed it, then said-“Mummy-you should be so proud of your lovely tummy for the 4 beautiful babies it carried” and through my tears I told her she was absolutely right. Enjoy your new journey.. Im so happy for you!
    Love and supportive wishes sent to you and your family.
    Leigha (from Australia)

  21. Rose Ward says:

    I am thinking now is the time to let your body take control.. Listen to what it needs for your new growing baby. Do what exercise you can..whether walking or yoga or whatever and plan to eat as nutritionally as you can..concentrate on your baby..so cool to be growing a new life!

  22. Natalia Peredo says:


    Congratulations!! What a wonderful gift!! A Baby Girl!! You are so blessed.

    When I feel out of control I use to color Mandalas, with every color I start to say everthing about my terrible moment I said bad words, I get so angry, I scream about the problem or the person involved the problem, but I never stop coloring and slowly I calm down and when finally I back to me I have 2 results, a beautiful colored Mandala and the inner power to return to the problem and solve it in an intelligent, creative, positive and adequate way for those involved in the situation.

    I have a beautiful thought for you and your pregnancy!
    How can you ever say anything negative about your body after you have felt THE DANCING OF LIFE from inside your womb

  23. Kala Stuckless says:

    When I feel I have no control. I get out and go for a walk or go outside and meditate. Getting outside helps me to feel grounded. Since I have discovered your Soul Stroll’s (I have all 4 😉 ) Changing my mood and mindset has been much easier. Even if I am at work and can’t get out to walk I will pop in my ear buds and listen to a Soul Stroll, repeating those mantras in my head helps me get over that loosing control feeling and sets me on a new path.

    Congrats on your pregnancy. I wish you a safe, healthy pregnancy and delivery. Get as much rest as you can now, especially in those last few weeks of your pregnancy. When that tiny little human is in your arms and for the first few months of being a mom and dealing with feedings and changing diapers, in the wee hours of the morning when you are tired, remember you are not alone and that this stage is only temporary. It can be overwhelming if we get caught up in those moments, but its so amazing to see this tiny human you created grow and develop and turn into their own person.

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