Taking Small Steps to Feel Better

Hello Gorgeous-

I hope for those of you in the full swing of summer, you are enjoying all that this season has to offer.

I am currently in LA, shooting the second season of Altar’d.

And in case you missed my last and biggest announcement, my husband and I are expecting a baby girl this coming November!

We are over the moon excited about this new and grand adventure.

I promise to share the journey with you regarding pregnancy, motherhood when that happens and all the thoughts, beliefs, struggles, highs and lows that come when life changes dramatically.

I thought I would start by sharing what might be a surprising revelation.

It’s really more of a CONFESSION. About my body.

And I was a little nervous to share it.

But, I want to be really honest with you right now.

Knowing that I am not my “regular size” and only going to be increasing in size over these next few months, while being FILMED for a TV show, is not easy.

It brings up all the old emotional issues around body image, not enoughness, self-judgement, and disappointment.

Yes, I know. I’m pregnant.

And yes, I am BEYOND thrilled and excited about this little baby’s arrival.

So maybe you’re thinking, but Erin, your changing body should be celebrated. It’s beautiful. It’s natural. This is the ultimate step into womanhood.

Yes, it is all those things. And I certainly have moments when I feel that way. And I love and celebrate it.

And then… some days, it just feels hard. Even though it intellectually makes sense that this is healthy and wonderful, it doesn’t stop some of the old subconscious tapes from playing now and again.

This is a time that I have almost no control over changes that are occurring. And I realize how much I like to feel in control and how hard it is to let. Go.

On top of that, I’m unable to do any intense exercise at the moment (ironic!) due to a few small complications. (Everything is fine, just have to take it super easy.)

So, Soul Strolling is my very best friend right now!

I really feel as though it’s an opportunity.

It’s a chance to continue to heal some of those old messages I gave myself when I was younger.

And to surrender. Surrender. Sometimes the hardest thing to do. And it takes conscious effort. Everyday.

To help myself, I spend time getting my head and my heart into the right place.

I close my eyes and focus on my breath. I say my mantras. I get grateful. I reach out to friends for support and reminders.

And I remind myself of not only the miracle that I am creating, but the miracle that I AM.

Whether pregnant or not, this is the practice we all have an opportunity to do when we are dealing with changes that are beyond our control, where we feel pulled by our own negative thoughts, or where we find our own self-judgement to be less than kind.

Taking Small Steps to Feel Better

We can stay stuck in our discomfort or we can move ourselves to a better place where we feel better. Each and every day. The choice is always ours.

The choice is always ours.

So, I ask you, Gorgeous, what choice are you making today in regards to your body?

I mean, look, this body of yours. It is what it is.

For today.

How can you move into greater acceptance of where you are, knowing that you can ALSO at the same time, take small steps to feel better?

When it comes to our bodies, at the very least, most of us can walk.

It is the defining motion of humans. And as I said, as I move through this time unable to truly exercise in the way I desire, I am doing whatever it takes to get 10,000 steps in.

If you would like to join me on a Soul Stroll, check out the Soul Stroll Vol. 1: I Am A Magnet for Success.

It comes with a beautiful gratitude workout, mantra cards, the soundtrack (of course!) and more!

You can get it right over here.

And then, I would like to invite you to leave a comment below and share ONE thing you like to do when you feel like you have no control. What is the one that you can do that helps bring you back to yourself and peace of mind?

I am looking to you for support and ideas by the way, so come on over and share some of your tips and tricks with me.

As challenging as this time in my life is, it is also extremely awe inspiring and amazing. The miracle of it all is most definitely NOT lost on me. I mean, a human! Growing inside me. It’s wild, wouldn’t you agree?

Looking forward to sharing more with you!



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