Why You Shouldn’t Be So Practical

Before my final week of filming in LA, I took a lil’ trip to Las Vegas last weekend to catch a fun music festival with some friends.

Warning, what I am about to share may seem like a post about fashion. It is not.

Let’s get to it.

For the trip, I only packed an overnight bag with limited clothing and shoe options, knowing I would only be there about 48 hours. One of those shoe options was a pair of cute heels, because well, heels. Then I had a pair of sneakers so I could get in a workout, and sandals for the pool.

After the first night of being in my heels all night (and the whole week before), I knew that there was no way I could stand another night in them.

But, hey, I am a girl who likes to look cute and the sandals weren’t going to cut it for a Saturday night out—nor were my Nike running shoes.

So while my hubs hung by the pool, I ran out to the Strip to see if I could find something to wear. If you know Vegas, you know it takes forever to get anywhere because ya gotta walk through the hotel, get out of the hotel, get to the street, etc. (BTW, I hit 22,000 steps that day!)

The closest stores to me (without having to walk an additional 3 miles) were Marshalls and Ross Dress for Less. And while perhaps neither of them are a fashion mecca, a) I never mind a good deal and b) I knew I could find SOMETHING cute at either of these places.  

I was correct!

I quickly found an adorable long, tight (yet comfortable) dress at Marshalls for $29. Then I found a great pair of super cool black high-top leather Polo sneakers with gold zippers for $20 at Ross.

I was ready for the night and I looked fly, sexy and even a lil’ edgy, if I do say so myself.  

Why You Shouldn’t Be So Practical

Now, here is where the important stuff comes in.

I didn’t NEED either of these items. At all. And you should know, I am someone who is pretty good about only purchasing clothes and shoes that I NEED, not just want.

In fact, I would say not only am I a practical buyer, but I am also a practical person. I think of myself as REALISTIC when it comes to most purchases and choices in life.

I know that if I was just out at the store and stumbled upon these high-tops,  I would likely not buy them.

Why? because I don’t really need a new pair of sneakers. I didn’t really NEED another dress. And so my brain would say just say, “Erin, you don’t really need more clothes.”

So when I don’t ‘need’ something, I have a tendency to talk my way out of doing it, having it, or buying it.

However, I will also tell you that often the things I purchase on impulse, the day of, or in a pinch, are the things I end up LOVING the most.

When I end up doing the things I didn’t really PLAN to do, or take a detour that wasn’t on the agenda, I usually end up having the most fun.

Can you relate yet?

I think we often get too consumed in doing what’s right.

We want to follow the practical path all the time.

We feel the need to be rational, logical and sensible with our purchases, our food choices, our dating life and everything in-between.

Don’t get me wrong. I love practicality. I love the steady ease that it often brings. But sometimes you have to say, “Screw it, I just want to do this or have this and I don’t even know why.”

So today’s post is short.

It’s a reminder to let yourself be a little impractical this weekend— and even more so, let yourself ENJOY it.

Stop trying to be so perfect by making all the right moves and decisions.

Maybe your brain doesn’t actually know what you need. Maybe your heart has all the answers.

Maybe you shouldn’t think about it so much and just be. Just act.

You might just find yourself a really cute pair of kicks:)

Now over to you… are you super-practical when it comes to making decisions? Do you find it helps or hurts you? I would love to hear what you think about this. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Look forward to hearing from you!


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21 Responses to Why You Shouldn’t Be So Practical

  1. Seanna says:

    I love this! The reason I am not a worrier is because I always believe that what ever happens next will be exactly the way it is supposed to be! I try not to over think things because my intuition never steers me wrong!

  2. Yes! I tend to be way too practical. Especially when it comes to buying things. While all in all I think it’s a good thing, I’m trying to break out of that from time to time! And I had a similar story…was walking in NYC when my fave comfy but cute shoes literally broke. Hobbled to a Gap in ridiculous heels to buy a pair of sandals I could walk in!

  3. Patricia says:

    You must be spying on me, because I am so that person who is super-practical when it comes to making decisions.

    “Oh, you don’t need to eat out; you can save money by eating at home.” “Oh, it’s on sale now, but wait and see if it doesn’t get bought so you can buy it on clearance.” “Oh, it’s on clearance, but wait and see if the price comes down any more.”

    It’s a form of self-denial. Not good.

    I went to Philadelphia on business this week for a few days, and it was very freeing to be able to use my corporate credit card to treat myself to a meal at a restaurant. Or to pick up that green juice, or that salad. No wonder I was in such a good mood and walked so much (I was over 17,000 steps on the last, sunniest day.)

    I do treat myself when I am out of town sometimes. It feels good. Maybe I should start treating myself like I’m out of town even when I’m home once in a while.

    Keep spying on me, Erin. You’re doing a good job.

  4. Jo says:

    Well I am surprised. You got your timing wrong this time Erin.
    Just as I was patting myself on the back for focusing in on what needs to be done to meet my goals (personal and work) and not allowing distractions and procrastination to stop me achieving, you come along and tell me to be easier on myself.
    Nope. Shan’t! Not what I need right now.
    But Erin, keep ’em coming, and thanks for all the good work! Usually you get right to the heart of what I need 🙂

  5. Melissa says:

    Thank you Erin, you are so insightful and amazing! I just got back from an incredible honeymoon (where we splurged quite a bit) and now am thinking “was that the responsible thing to do” “how will this effect our current budgeting”. But, in reality, that night spent at that fancy hotel was absolutely worth it. It put us both in a happy glow for days afterward, felt like a special treat and experience that I may never have again. So, yes, sometimes things and experiences you don’t necessarily “need” but just want, are good for the spirit:)

  6. Flo says:

    I’d like to think I’m simplistic and practical, but detours and unplanned moments CAN be the most fun and most memorable! BE in the moment. LIVE in the moment and make it beautiful. This has been my mantra the past year, as I’ve grown and blossomed the past year, and it hasn’t failed me (and trust me, I CAN overthink!). Should I do this or not? Should I get this or not? In the grand scheme of things, what’s it going to hurt? Better to do rather than have done nothing and have regrets later on.

  7. Janelle T says:

    I am far too practical. Even when I get out of work, the only things I make time for are the needs or the shoulds and not the fun stuff. This post was timely for me.

    This weekend, I am taking my kids to a farmers market to see sme baby animals, and then I am going to a marching band competition this weekend to see some old friends!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  8. You are so right, Erin! I was recently in Vegas (my first trip!) back in April and I have to say, my husband took me out for a fancy-schmancy dinner… and wouldn’t let me look at the right side of the menu. Why? Because that’s where the prices were. He knew I’d talk myself out of the $18 glass of wine and just have water. He knew I’d never order a Dixie-cup-sized $8 beet and goat cheese salad when I could have done without it. I didn’t have a glass of wine, by the way–I HAD TWO. 🙂 Still, when I remember our no-holds-barred delectable dinner, I smile. It was worth it in every way to indulge in an evening of memories, even if I couldn’t finish my penne pasta. I’m dealing with some food paralysis right now. I’m completing Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy You program (she’s how I found you), and feel like I won’t know what to do after it ends! I’m plagued by Type A thoughts, so perfection-aggravation is nothing new to me. Your message about relaxing is a good one. (And I’d love to see pics of those sneakers!)

  9. Anne says:

    Love it. I am an accountant by trade and very practical. I generally want everything to be perfect. Your story reminds me that “I am enough” and that “everything is always working out for me”. When I “let go of the old, so the new can rise”, it does make the journey more fun and exciting! Going with the flow today. Thank you!


  10. Cristina says:

    Erin!! This IS what I needed. I have a busy weekend (with some FUN things planned) coming up and stressing about eating perfectly so I will feel well enough is making me feel unwell. I’m worried that I won’t be able to enjoy it. What we fear we create, right? I plan to use some mantras and have some fun. Thank you!!

  11. Sarah says:

    Erin, thank you so much for this! I have been thinking a lot about this exact concept. Maybe because I have a birthday coming up, or because the fall makes me reflective..I don’t know…but I have been thinking hard about how practical I have always been, and how (while being prudent and practical definitely has a place in life) I need a break from it!!!! It can be so exhausting and sometimes I think it stifles us from reaching our true potential. I have decided that we were not made to be practical all the time, that is why we have hearts, why we have dreams, why we are never satisfied with mediocrity. Thank you for confirming what I was just realizing : )

  12. Lynette Jokilehto says:

    I wasn’t practical enough. Always being led by impulse. I learned to take a moment to understand the impulse was Ego or Intuition. One thing I do now when I’m in a store is this-anything that I want I put in my cart. I walk around the store and really FEEL how my life would be changed with the item. I usually end up putting most back. It might seem weird and time consuming but it works for me. Just saying no to myself doesn’t feel good, but taking the time to feel gives me permission to really choose.

  13. Toshua says:

    Truth! What a fabulous perspective! I always feel so guilty for impulse anything and pride myself on being extremely practical. Yet, you are correct, these are exactly the items or experiences I end up loving the most. I’d never stopped to realize this fact. Let’s have fun! Let’s enjoy our lives!

  14. elena says:

    I’m Italian! I can be practical only 50% of the times, when it comes to cloths and shoes! But, absolutely, you need to screw it from now and then. It’s fun, it’s joy. That’s why I’m gonna buy myself a second hand motorbike! Made a deal with my hubby 22 years ago that I would had never bought a motorbike before I would have turned 70 years old….in his mind when I’ll be 70, maybe I’ll stop being a “bad rock girl” and be al little bit quiter. I told him, I’m 45 yo, at this point it’s clear to everyone that I’ll never be the classy lady with the dog in the bag, plus we live in Japan, safest place in the world. It’s now or never. And I’ve chosen now!

  15. Ivan Jordon says:

    I don’t get it. What’s wrong with being practical?lol

  16. Jennifer says:

    Am I the only one that wants to see this outfit?

  17. Michael Ye says:

    Definitely too practical. I literally try to make every drive as fast as I can with no time wasted. I’ll plan everything so that it makes the least amount of stops possible. It’s efficient, but also gets boring and makes me hella stressed for no reason.
    The other day I was going to just go run for my cardio, but I remember these girls convinced me to try a zumba class. So I said screw the run, cause well, Winter, and went to go try it out even though I probably stuck out as the only guy there. I ended up making a lot of friends and had way more fun than I thought! I definitely shld trust my gut more.