Inspiration and Dreaming

I am writing to you from sunny Fort Lauderdale. I was lucky enough to escape the cold for bit. (Some of you may remember I spent time here last year with my Uncle Morty. 🙂

I decided to take a week away from the hustle and bustle to simply make space for myself to dream. I know that sounds incredibly self indulgent, but hear me out.

Normally, I do all my planning for the year ahead in December, but for some reason, I couldn’t bring myself to do it this time around.  While my mind was saying, “Let’s plan this out!” my body was saying, “Let’s just chill out.”

So I listened, and now I am feeling the bubbling up of inspiration and dreaming.  

I emphasize DREAMING, because I think to live a really spectacular life on your terms, it requires you take time out of your normal routine in order to drum up new ideas, new visions, and new directions you would like your life to go.

I know with each and every passing year, it’s becomes easier to do the status quo, and harder to allow yourself to venture into the depths of your heart asking yourself, “What do I really desire? What would be an exciting adventure to go on? Who would I love to meet this year? What would I love to create?”

Forget about believing whether or not it’s actually possible, I find that many of us won’t even let ourselves have the pleasure of walking into the What Would I Love To Experience Arena.

Sometimes I stroll through NYC and I look at the incredible architecture of something like the Flat Iron building and I think, this started out as someone’s idea.

Or I go see one of my incredibly talented friends in a Broadway show and I think, all of these costumes, lights and music are here for my viewing pleasure because someone had a vision.

Where do these brilliant ideas come from?

I like to think that ideas and dreams are like Magic Bubbles that rise of from the depth of your being.  Each Bubble has it’s own shape, color, size and information. All of them hold the potential to create change in your life and the lives of others, whether it’s BIG revolutions or subtle shifts.

But in order for the Bubbles to rise up, you have to activate your Magic Bubble Maker. (Are you seeing a Willy Wonka visual right now, too?)

Think of your Magic Bubble Maker as your own personal mechanism that produces these visions, thoughts, ideas and daydreams.  When you are tired, stressed or fearful of whether or not these ideas can actually come to fruition, your MBM (Magic Bubble Maker) will likely not do the work it takes to produce worth while Bubbles.

In order to get your MBM crankin’, you have to put yourself in the right frame of mind and the right environment.

A few things I have found help warm up the Magic Bubble Maker:

1. A long hot shower
2. An aimless stroll
3. Indulging in 11 hrs of sleep
4. A drastic change of environment
5. Taking yourself to see a movie, a play or to a bookstore, solo
6. Strolling through expensive, extravagant stores where I know I will not really buy anything

For many, including myself, I notice the BEST way to get my Magic Bubble Maker revved up is when there is some playful structure to the dreaming and it can be done along side other people. (Yes, like a big think tank. Even if people are working on their own ideas unrelated to yours, the energy of creativity is contagious.)

But there is ONE challenge to be aware of when the Bubbles start to rise.

You could either let them pop, pop, pop OR you could start to make an actual plan to turn some of the beautiful ones into a reality. Some bubbles are definitely meant to pop.  (I have had a few doozy bubbles for sure.)

But some, oh some would be so glorious to see play out in the physical world.

And knowing which ones to take action on and which ones to let pop require a delicate balance of intuition, dreaming and inspired action.

I put together a few goodies for you today to help dust off your Magic Bubble Maker and get you into dreaming mode.

Choose one, choose them all. It’s your adventure.

1)    Download this Magic Bubble Maker worksheet.  It is designed to take you out of your current environment and get you thinking What if… They say suspending reality is one of the most important keys to successful brainstorming and I want your brain to be stormed!

2)    Subscribe to this inspiring playlist titled: Bubble Making Music. (Dreamier than it’s sexy counter part, Baby Making Music. That’s for another time, yes?)

3)    Come on over to the BLOG and share the number ONE best thing you do to generate new ideas and if there is one person or a group of people that inspire you to generate ideas, tell us about them.

4)   Join us for Magical Manifesters, which will begin Feb. 11th. (Save $50 when you sign up by midnight tonight.) Not only will you activate your Magic Bubble Maker, but you will also create an actionable plan so you breathe a sign of relief knowing exactly what to do for the next 3/6/9/12 months.
You will kick your destructive habits to the curb, capitalize on your natural rhythms, and stop apologizing for the way you work.

Check out what two of the Magic Makers shared recently (Psst. click display Images if you aren’t seeing anything here:)

You have until 12pm tonight to get a $50 discount. Grab it now!  

I hope to make some magic with you!


P.S. If one of your dreams this year is to find Love and call in the relationship of your dreams, one of my dear Angel friends, Kavita J. Patel is an expert when it comes to this topic. She has put together a series of FREE VIDEOS on LETTING LOVE IN. Check it out HERE.

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