2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Ok, so it’s officially the holiday season!

I have an awesome gift guide for you below.

If you are like me, when you see a GOOD gift guide, you think, “Oooh, wait, I want that for MYSELF!” Maybe you buy one for them, and one for you.

Ok, or maybe just one for you.

That’s OK!

I made this guide so that it focuses on self-care.

These are things I LOVE to help take care of my MIND, HEART and BODY, and I know that you will love, too.

BONUS: I am re-opening the cart to the SHRINK SESSION special from a few weeks ago just for the holidays. So if you hesitated on joining us, NOW is the time!

Ok, let’s go!

For the BODY:

1. Shrink Session

Like, I said, I am reopening the cart for the SHRINK SESSION special.

Perfect for the holiday season, when you are busy and short on time, this program offers 29 different workouts varying in lengths, meditations and a coaching.

(You should send this email to someone who is wondering what to buy you. Tell them this!:)

The package comes with some killer bonuses as well. Shrink SessionIt’s a sweet deal, if I do say so myself. Offer good through Friday Dec. 14th. So act quickly!

Here is what one of our new members had to say about the program:

“I almost didn’t buy the program. I thought, “Okay, I know some of the moves and the mantras. I can keep this up!” I tried it, it’s not the same.

You’ve given me a gift with your program and it’s taken me a little while to find the right words. Thank you a million times. My self talk is slowly shifting and the movement in my life recently has been unreal!”

Also this…

“I’m a little spooked…when I did the Shrink Session meditation yesterday, I envisioned a successful business (I started it in June and it’s been a sloooow growth) as part of my “happy place.” And I did one of the bonus Soul Strolls. You know what’s happened since then? FOUR people contacting me for service. Two I’ve already met with and signed on, two I meet with in the next week or two. What sort of voodoo is this program???😂😂😂I think I could get used to this…”

For the FACE:

You know I love me some non-toxic, clean beauty products. Beautycounter is still my favorite.

Totally obsessed with these two. Absolute game changers!

2. Overnight Resurfacing Peel 

TOTALLY in love with this. When I use it regularly, people say, “Oh, you must be so happy, you are glowing!” To that, I smile and say, “Thank you! I am happy!” But as a new mom, I am also tired as could be, so this helps revive my skin like no other and make people think I am drinking all the water and getting all the sleep, which I am not. I have searched for many years for a non-toxic peel. Beautycounter made all my dreams come true with this one!

3. No 1 Brightening Facial Oil

I pretty much ditched all my moisturizers for facial oils. I know some people worry it is too oily, but I find them to be exactly what my skin craves. I love this one in particular. And I use it with the tool below. Between this, the peel and the gua sha, mama glooowwws!!! Do yourself a favor and get yourself an oil. You will thank you me later.

4. Gua Sha

Ok, you may have seen me do this on my Instagram stories, but I have found that giving myself a easy facial massage with this tool is a total luxurious face lift in my bathroom. Coupled with the oil mentioned above, I am confident this combo is what is making people stop and comment on my skin! I do it morning and night and it helps with lymph drainage, puffiness and collagen production.

For the MIND:

5. Mantras In Motion: Manifesting What You Want Through Mindful Movement

As you know, my new book Mantras In Motion publishes Jan. 8th.

How fun would it be to do the exercises from the book (both written and physical) with people you love?

How great would it feel to help your mom, best friend, roommate, work buddy reach their goals this year?

If you can help get the people around you moving and building a life they love, that makes your life better too.

The hardcover becomes available Jan. 8 but if you pre-order the book for them this month, your gift recipient will get instant access to all those juicy bonuses you’re digging now!

Here’s how to purchase for a friend:

  1. Click HERE to open this page.
  2. Once on our page, click on your favorite book seller listed in the middle of the page.
  3. Purchase the book and have it shipped to your giftee.
  4. Come back to the page above and enter your GIFTEE’s information in the form, along with the order number from your bookseller. This way, they get an email right away with bonuses.
  5. You may want to let them know you just bought them a gift, as they will get an email directly from us. 🙂

For the HEART:

6. Soul Stroll Vol 1: I Deserve It

Get out of your head and into your body with Soul Stroll Volume 1: I Deserve It. The Soul Stroll is a transformational and exhilarating workout you can take with you anywhere. You can download it and listen while you walk, bike, run or dance. It’s an uplifting way to move your body that can totally change your life!

Become a magnet for success by Strolling your way to a new attitude!

Here’s everything you get with Soul Stroll Volume 1:

  • 30-minute Soul Stroll audio playlist of energizing music and mantras
  • 30-minute Stretch & Relax Yoga Sculpt video
  • 15-minute guided meditation
  • Printable mantra cards + wall reminders
  • Sweat Therapy Session Guidebook

Now, it’s YOUR turn, don’t be shy!

Tell me what is on YOUR gift list in the comments below. Is there a gift you are excited to give someone this year? Obviously, I am going to assume a few of these things are on your list, but it’s always helpful to hear what else you have in mind. So share it with the community!

Happy gift giving and receiving!


P.S. The Shrink Session special is only available until Dec. 14th, so make sure you hop on it by purchasing now or telling your loved one that this is what you really, really want for the holidays!

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