How To Manifest Pt 1: Trust Your Desires

Today, I have a new Movement + Mantra sequence for you about Manifesting. (I have been posting them to my Instagram, so if you are not following along, now’s the time!)

But first, I want to share one of the most important ingredients when it comes to manifesting.

Trusting your desires. 

Because when you do, you follow the path of joy. And joy unlocks an unlimited amount of potential in our lives. When we are in joy, Life really delivers the best manifestations.

It has taken me years to really trust my desires. A big turning point for me was when I met my husband. 

When we met, I instantly knew he was the one. I saw our whole love story unfold before my very eyes.

But, there was one small glitch.

I was dating someone else.
Who I liked, but deep down wasn’t in love with.
However, at the time, my desires were so deeply buried under fear, I couldn’t even hear what I truly wanted.
I was 35 and I thought I was getting too old and needed to be happy with what I had.
I worried that the feeling I had about this new guy (my now husband), was just because I was looking for some excitement.
I was concerned something was wrong with me and that I’d break up with the current guy and have problems with the next guy because I was just bad at relationships.

But every time I would run into my husband (ok, I would strategically plan to run into him), I never wanted to leave. I didn’t want our time to end or our conversations to stop. It was like the best place in the whole world.

And yet, I couldn’t trust my deepest desire which was to be with HIM.

It took me 7 long painful months before I would finally end the other relationship. And let me tell you, it was agony.

Thankfully, with the help of a great therapist, I waded through the fear, the uncertainty and the self doubt so that I could trust myself and my heart.

And, I am certain this was the best decision of my life. (7 years of marriage that only get better!)

Since then, trusting my desires has become much easier. And I want it to get easier for you.

Come on over and try Part 1 of this Movement and Mantra sequence that is designed to help you feel and trust into your desires. I will be back with Part 2, so make sure you are following me on the gram.

You might be in the process of getting better at trusting yourself. This sequence will begin to help, but I also want to hear from you.

Leave a comment on the Instagram post and let me know where YOU are on a scale of 1-10 with trusting your wants. (10 means you are in beautiful alignment!) What’s the hardest part about trusting yourself? What are you most afraid of?

I would love to know!

Look forward to chatting in the comments!

Happy Manifesting!


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