the 1 thing that gives me loads of energy everyday

Back in January I did NY Times best selling author, Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Cleanse. (You may have remembered the article I wrote for her her blog, Crazy Sexy Life)

CLIFF NOTES: No gluten, dairy, meat or sugar for 21 days.

Yowza! It’s intense if you are (well, were) a sugar addict like me.

I created this Everything But The… Green Smoothie to satisfy my sweet tooth while also packing in a ton of nutrients. (I named it after one of my favorite Ben and Jerry flavors because like the ice cream, you wouldn’t expect all these different ingredients to go together and make something so delicious.)

My pal Aaron Fuks over at decided to feature the delectable on his site.

It takes 4 minutes to make and and all you need is a magic bullet. (Of the blender persuasion, I know what you might have been thinking.)

Click here to watch a 1 min vid of how I blend it up

Speaking of GREEN, this month in Shrink Session, we are talking about one of my favorite kinds of green things… MONEY! 

If you want more of it but don’t know how to get it, this month is for YOU!
If you get it and can’t seem to keep it, this month is for YOU!

If you are afraid you will never have enough of it, this month is for YOU!

Join us for MARCH MONEY MADNESS on Wednesday nights beginning March 7th 6:30-8pm at Chelsea Studios. 

Space is limited so sign up TODAY!

With love,


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