Stop Waiting. The Perfect Time Is Now.

Recently, I saw an incredible dance video on Instagram.

After watching it, I went down the rabbit hole of other similar style dance videos. I wasn’t familiar with West Coast Swing, a playful, improvised partner dance but now, thanks to the algo, I see them everyday and I’m in love!

There’s so much joy in this dance form. All I could think was, “I must learn this asap and become a West Coast swing expert!”

I want to feel that joy.
I want to feel that playfulness.
I want to feel that spontaneity, all through movement and music.

But here’s the truth.

I have a newborn. And a 6 year old. And a business to run and a marriage to make time for. I don’t live in NYC anymore where it would probably be at my fingertips.

And so,

it’s unlikely that I will be able to get to regular swing classes anytime soon. I hope to do it one day in the near future but it could be weeks, months or maybe longer.

So I guess I’ll have to wait to feel that joy, playfulness and spontaneity, right?


So often, we wait.

And we wait.

And we wait.

until the circumstances are right and everything is just so, before we start doing the thing we want to do.

We put it off.

We say, I’ll do it when I have more time.
Or when I’m more in shape.
Or when I feel more confident.

Instead, identify the feelings you are after.

And then, find micro ways to feel those things.

I said I wanted to dance more, so here I am, doing it.

I’m not waiting to feel that joy. And you shouldn’t either.

Go ahead and watch the video, and in the comments, tell me what you want to do NOW to bring you more joy. If movement is on your list of things to do NOW, come check out The Movement, where we have TONS of dance videos that will certainly bring THE JOY!

With love,

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