Stop Trying To Force It

Today, I am writing to you from the beach in Quogue. (I am literally sitting in the sand looking at the ocean. Soon as I send this off, I promise, I will close my laptop.)

I decided to give myself a little break after spending the last 4 weeks creating a new way for us to work out together in the comfort of your own home.  It is going to be awesome!

While that will be available in December, we have a few months left of 2012. Not only am I planning my fall, but I am even looking into what I want for 2013. Are you starting to think about that, too?

It’s always a tricky balance to practice living in the moment and then also dreaming about the future, right?

If you too are starting to think about what you want in the next 3 months to a year, than you might be interested in what I have to share today.

I am opening the doors one last time this year to my signature course, Magical Manifesters.

In a nutshell, it’s a 5 week digital program that helps you get super clear on what you want, gives you permission to dream BIG again (because sometimes our dreams get a little watered down) and then helps you create a plan of action to make it all happen.

Stop Trying to Force It

INSTEAD OF FORCE OR WILLPOWER we use JOY and EASE to discover your dreams and goals.

The work is powerful because it is about finding more ease, more flow, more excitement in EVERYTHING that you do. I have created a way for you to tap into your intuition and creativity, so that discovering your dreams and even the things that might be holding you back feels easy and fun. It is not done with pressure or fear , because that crap never works. Never. Let’s leave the ass kicking to Jillian Michaels and that guy on ABC who screams in the kitchen?

This is about discovering that your greatest glory is found when you feel GOOD.


Teachers, coaches, actors, people who work in high powered finance jobs, do sales for media companies, are starring on Broadway, or running their own business from home.  Why is it so varied? Because, I know that everyone has a dream. It’s either a seed of an idea or a big mama jama dream that is bursting at the seams to see the light of day.

I also know everyone is creative, even if you don’t consider yourself a “creative” type. When you use your natural creativity to dream up ideas about you life, you tap into a divine energy that is… UNSTOPPABLE.


Listen, I know that it can be a little scary to let yourself dream. You have done it before, what if you fail?

What if you can’t organize yourself enough to take action? What if you end up procrastinating? What if you don’t get any further ahead?

I get it. I have been there and heard it all from my students.

I know without a doubt that Magical Manifesters works. I am 100% sure. (There are not a lot of things I am 100% sure about).

If you are ready to dig in and dream in a fun, funny, playful, productive way and make a plan of action for those dreams, I invite you to check out the course.

I am so proud of all the incredible things people have accomplished as a result of finding more ease through the course.

“Holy Smokes, my goals are actually coming through right on time. Renters for Condo for Sept 1st. Check. Moving to the west coast. Check. Connecting with Yoga Works (Apt set for Friday Sept 7th to discuss work opportunity). Check. Now after I get through these next few weeks, time to look at 6 month goals to refocus and keep moving forward.” -Laurel Silverman, Chicago

(I have created an early bird special for people who sign up before Sept. 7th.)

You won’t be disappointed. You will soar. You will fly. And then you will thank yourself for signing up.

I went from NOT auditioning to auditioning, getting callbacks, performing in the city and last week I filmed my first big commercial… if I could kick myself in the shins for waiting so long to sign up, I would.” -Christine Cartell, NYC

This is the last time you will see it this year, so now is the time to take advantage.

Come see all the deets.

(I made a little video about it, too.)

Happy end of August.


P.S. SHRINK SESSION begins again Wed. Sept 5th. We have some crazy exciting things cooking for the fall. I hope you will join us; your first class is free:)

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