Stop It. Just Stop It.

“If we can penetrate the present, we can be more pro-creative with what’s next. When we can clearly see the now – as the hologram that it is, we step into to our Godliness.” –Danielle Laporte

There are times when you feel stuck.
I say stop trying to move.

There are times when you feel afraid.
I say let that sensation tickle your organs before trying to push it out.

There are times when you feel nothing is coming your way.
I say being a moving target makes it difficult for IT to find YOU.  Be still.

There are times when you feel blocked, broken, and down right bitchy.
I say put on your favorite fuck it pants and have a dance party with it all.

There times when the sun doesn’t shine for days on end inside or out.
Then I say dive into the deep dark ocean, go for swim, be with the world down there and don’t come up until you are good and ready. Life is happenin’ at the bottom of the ocean.

Life is Beckoning you. Calling out your name. Wanting you, right now.

As you are.

It’s not waiting for you to be unstuck, be good enough, inspired enough, ok enough, or unbroken.

It longs to grab hold of  you Today, Now and dance, dance, dance.

This is your moment.

If “stopping” ever propelled you forward at break neck speed, let a sista know by leaving a comment below.


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