What I Will Remember Most About Quarantine

I have been thinking a lot about this unique time. 

I have pondered how within each of our own experiences, there have been tremendous highs, and probably some tremendous lows.

The other day, I began to reflect specifically on this time with my 2.5 year old daughter.

She will never…

be this size again

Or this ageWith this perspective

With these words

With this particular physical ability

She will never be exactly how she is now

Nor will we.

She will never…Have another experience quite like this, with mommy and daddy around all the time, and no one else. (At least we hope, because community is important.)

She may not even truly remember it at all,But we will.

We will remember the way she said I love you every single day.And snuggled in so tight,

And danced around like a little bumble bee,And stood on her tower and helped us cook,

And kicked the soccer ball into the garage yelling “goal!”,

And blew bubbles on the deck,

And went for walks to feed the pretend duckies because there are not real ones in the stream,

And FaceTimed with her Didi and Papa as they read her stories,

And got packages of delicious banana bread and distant visits from her Bub,

And built LEGO’s and played cars with her daddy,

And had daily dance parties to Phish music,

And laughed and laughed as we tickled her belly,

We will remember it.

All of it and only some of it.

And it may carry both a lovely and strange feeling once it becomes a memory, but nonetheless, there will be no other time quite like it.

So in the times I get antsy or worried or anxious, I remember the preciousness of this time with her.

This is your very important reminder that one day soon, these circumstances will pass.

The time you spent in quarantine will be a memory, just like many other moments in your life.

Are there any parts you will savor or remember fondly?

I invite you to come on over HERE and share what about this time feels special and unique to you, and is something that may never happen quite like this again.

There are already several reflections shared that have brought tears to my eyes. They might inspire you. I am looking forward to reading yours.

With great love,

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