No vs. Not Yet

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving if you celebrated!

We are still waiting on baby girl to make her debut and let me tell you, the waiting ain’t easy. After the doctors predicted she would be early, it’s sort of crazy to think that now she is past her due date!

By all means, it is a test of patience and it feels as though I could be pregnant (and uncomfortable) FOREVER!

I know that is not the case, but man, time is moving like molasses like never before.

I will probably post the first announcement over HERE on Instagram, so be sure to follow along.

Transitions are funny, aren’t they? That time when we are at the end of something, but it’s not quite over YET.

And it feels like we are going to be stuck in whatever that is for eternity.

Because the new thing hasn’t begun, despite us thinking that surely by now, it should have!

We have done all the things to ‘make it happen’, we have visualized, taken action, you name it, we have done it!

Perhaps, in these moments, it’s hard to have faith that a new chapter will actually ever begin.

Maybe we even just want to give up and say, “Screw it, I’m gonna stop even trying.”

While I know I don’t really have that choice (this baby WILL eventually come), there have been other times in my life where I have felt stuck at the end of something, wanting the next thing to begin and it just. Won’t. Happen.

If you can relate, I would invite you to think about it differently.

Instead of thinking Life is telling you, “No, sorry, the next thing is not for you.”

Think of Life saying, “Not yet, sweet you, ideas are still cookin’. We are getting there.”

No vs. not yet.

Let that settle in for a moment. No vs. Not Yet.

They are very different.

If there is one thing I know, it’s that in life there is always a beginning, a middle and an end to everything. All of it. Every part of it.

In many ways, this gives me comfort, knowing that the truth is that we are almost always in a state of transition of some kind.

We will not stay in the same thing forever.

Our job is to do our best to be present as possible for each part of it. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Trust me, I know it’s NOT easy. (I have had some super tearful moments in these last few weeks, simply because I am uncomfortable and just want to be able to walk again without waddling.)

But, I make sure I get some rest.

I move my body a little so that I get out of my head.

I make a gratitude list.

I reach out to girlfriends.

And I do what I can to come back to this sweet moment of being alive.

Transition - Not Yet
Will you commit to doing the same with me this week? Wherever you are. Be there. Fully.

You can even try this mantra:

Something new is ready to bloom.
Something amazing is coming my way.

Try it. Say it to yourself. Take it with you on your next Soul Stroll. It’s a good reminder.

If you are in transition right now, leave a comment below. Let me know how you are handling it. Would love to hear from you!

With love,

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56 Responses to No vs. Not Yet

  1. Rashi says:

    Beautiful blog, thanks for sharing.Love d optimistic approach of No vs not yet. Good luck for d angel stepping into ur life.Stay blessed. Live it up.

  2. Lawrence F McManus says:

    God bless you Erin.

  3. Yfm says:

    Wow, I lately I have been unable to keep up with the emails as I have over 20,000 emails! But I was laid off twice this year and I’m getting to the point where I’m not sure how rent is going to be paid over the next few months. It is been very trying that along with a break up I’ve been getting over for most of this year. This morning I was meditating and praying about what I’m going to do next and then your email popped up and I read it. I cannot believe the synchronicity and the message. I’ve been following you for a long time and I love your work. I wish you lots of luck with the upcoming baby and thank you for your message and mantra!

  4. Nancy Clemens says:

    Thank you for this! Much needed today! We are stuck in a place we do not like due to my husband’s job. He is the breadwinner and I am the family manager, working at home. We desparately need a change. He has been seeking new employment for a while. I feel we are on the cusp, but it just doesn’t come…yet! But I know it will happen. I am trying to be patient. Our lease is up and we need to be out of the house we are renting in 2 weeks! Praying for something amazing to come our way!!! Saying the mantra… something new is ready to bloom…. Wishing you health and happiness and a precious baby girl to arrive very soon!

  5. Berline Williams says:

    I so know how you feeling right about now even though it was 18 years ago my son was due the end of September on October 2 I thought he was coming but nope Oct 8th I went into labor on a Friday morning at 11 all day Friday and Saturday nothing then he gave up and we ended up having to a c section Sunday morning at 4 am. It was a very emotional time that took me years to be ok with.
    And now I’m dealing with wanting to loose the last of a huge weight loss. My heaviest weight was 340 I started this journey in March of 2015 my lowest since I started is 175 but I have put back on some and I’m now I think around 190 I don’t weigh myself much because it freaks me out.
    So thanks for this post because I will start to look at it as not yet. It’s coming off just be patient.
    Thanks so much.

  6. Ann says:

    WOW, I really needed your inspiration on , not yet. It was wonderful! I am in a relationship that is not working, so I have been making plans to move and be free. I know it is all going to be good, and the universe is always working with me.
    Thank you so much for your insights

  7. TONI BAZZLE says:

    Thank you so much for today’s message. It is so on time and needed for me!

  8. Gill HETHERINGTON says:

    Sending you love on this coming birth day… the deepest, strongest, most terrifying and most exhilarating of life’s moments. Giving birth is awesome – and so are you !
    I’m just back from a Soul Stroll run and FIRED up. In transition in my own way, waiting for our offer for a piece of land to be accepted, here in the Burgundy countryside, in France. Planning to live in gypsy caravans, off the grid, teaching my beloved yoga in a yurt (womb?)… my dream ! So waiting for this other kind of new baby to be born too and has been feeling the wait may mean NO to our offer… now after reading your blog I feel it’s just a NOT YET and I smile and move on with my day. Many many thanks Erin.
    All my love, Gill

  9. Trena says:

    Thank you Erin. Waiting for the little one is hard but life will be so sweet when she comes. This morning was very hard for me. I needed some info from my hubs to fill out a form for our divorce and he is dragging his feet. “what is the hurry”… I keep thinking, why wait and drag it out when it’s over, just another thing that I have to do it alone and the hard way, sigh! Thanks for listening.

  10. Meki says:

    Thank you, Erin. Your message arrived at the perfect time!
    I’m feeling stuck and pretty sad these days. Very frustrated and tired of trying and trying and never getting anywhere.
    I’ll try the “not yet” thought. You’re right, it is a whole different thing.
    Hope your baby girl comes out soon (when she’s ready). Wish you and your familiy love and stardust!

  11. Barbara Knight says:

    Thank you Erin for this poignant conversation today- always in perfecting timing to whatever I am experiencing. I met you at your NYC studio over a year ago – the chic from BVI with a lot of energy!?! I was developing a platform for workshops and retreats and about to pull the trigger and Pow! Irma!! Then Maria!! And now there is now. My new mantra is A New Way for a New Now! I was on St John during the events and yes I too have one of those I should be dead stories… as a community we all were working within seconds after the winds subsided. The villa I was in tore to pieces and within a couple of days it was obvious I had to sleep elsewhere. Word got out and a villa rental company generously loaned me and my pooch a pool house that was still standing for my first dry bed and shower. The villa was 600′ above what was the Westin Resort. Every morning as I decended to Cruz Bay I would raise my vibe and head for my soul stroll in my head keeping myself on a high vibe. A combination of restaurant owners and fellow chefs would gather at Sharky’s 420 restaurant and start preparing to feed 1000 St Johnians- 3 times a day, and it was some of the best days of my life. I would hitch a ride within proximity of the home before curfew, tired yet enlightened knowing we would reach the other side… that someone was coming to help us… as I started to walk one step at a time up to the house I realized I had downloaded the soul stroll in my phone. We had received our first generator that day at the restaurant and we all had an opportunity to charge our phones and it dawned on me OMG I can listen to Erin as I climbed this mountain. I cannot explain or properly express how comforting and reassuring that was! I just wanted you to know that your creation has been helping me, a hurricane survivor, a refugee, wow I never thought I would be labeled in this way.. make it one step at a time. I am still in the trenches knowing there is a way where there is no way. Thanks Erin! Congratulations on having your first Soul Stroll Mantra empowered and enlightened baby girl! How exciting it is to think that she picked you and your message to be born through!!! Universe is faithful.

  12. Julie says:

    Hi Erin,
    Loved your blog content. This is so true! Definitely I feel this & it’s so easy to get introverted and question what your doing rather than continuing t-h-r-o-u-g-h. What you say to yourself changes your attitude toward it & prevents that introversion.
    Thank you!

  13. Debbie Barker says:

    Wow Erin, thanks for writing all that heartfelt stuff. I felt tingly and a shiver because what you wrote struck a chord in me. Bless you! I am transitioning in many areas of life by beginning to honour more of who I truly am. Gratitude is one of those ways.

  14. Teri says:

    Yes, I am going to be here fully this week. I am day 1 week 1 of Shrink Seasion.
    For many reasons I’ve started again.
    I got hung up on a certain aspect of program but this time I’m going
    To be fully committed.
    I’m transitioning in a few areas of my life and live what you remind us of. Not yet rather than no.
    Best to you and your family as baby girl is fashionably late. !!

  15. Margaret says:

    This blog post couldn’t have come at a better time for me, and I am SOOOO appreciative for the message. I have been unemployed since the end of June, searching seemingly endlessly for my next project. There is a thin blanket of panic covering me everyday. I remain diligent, not only in my job search, but also in taking care of my spirit so as not to allow depression to take root. I have been exercising daily and taking time to eat healthy. I too know this period of unemployment will not last forever and remind myself daily the Universe has my back. The message “Not yet” leaves me with a feeling of hope that something good is coming my way and reinforces patience into my being. Thank you and best to you as your new bundle of joy prepares to make your life fuller than you ever imagined!

    • Katy Rugg says:

      Yes! I have been facing unemployment too, and can relate! You express so beautifully the struggle to continue, and keep hope and health as a part of the picture! I am trying to make a go of my small business, but the panic is real! Best of luck – I am rooting for you, too!

    • Emma says:

      Nothing stays the same forever and all things pass! Happier times are just around the corner Margaret, I can feel it!

  16. Leanna says:

    I like the no vs not yet idea. Gives me hope that there is a reason that I haven’t figured it all out yet. I’m going with this idea of just not yet Leanna. There’s a bigger picture that you just can’t see yet !!
    Thank you!
    And good luck with baby girl!

  17. Gail says:

    So happy for you Erin. Sounds like you are handling your transition with grace, as always. I appreciate your postings that give me motivation to get positive when I’m not always so. Love your aspiration and movement brand. I just got back from visiting with my Dad who has a new diagnosis of Stage IV pancreatic cancer. He’s also beginning his own transition. I was fortunate to be able to assist in making him more comfortable using my nursing skills. As my mom had died over 20 years ago, he will be leaving myself and my sister, Angela, with no more parents on this earth. We have been fortunate throughout our lives and now are relying on each other through this. I’ll be going to the gym in the morning after completely abandoning my routines for a week.

  18. angela says:

    Your email came right on time for me this morning. I have been going through some emotional changes and soon life changes. just wanted to say thank you for that little pep talk in your email. I appreciate it.

  19. Robin Waters says:

    So beautiful Erin! All of it! …your sentiments here… your wisdom….all of YOU! Makes me smile and want to give you the biggest hug ever.
    I feel like I have been in transition my whole life. Always wanting more…to be better, to do better. It’s interesting, as becoming a mother really puts us into that state of learning to allow and adjust and transform. My children are. It babies anymore, and I’m still learning every day. I’m finally realizing that I need to slow down and accept where I’m at in order to unfold into who I want to be. You said it so beautifully. There is no forcing it. My brave, ideal self is peacefully waiting for me to love myself there.
    I think learning to take care of ourselves so we can overflow with goodness in the world is key.
    I’m still learning. As a sensitive soul, and then becoming a mom, I became accustomed to serving others and looking outside of myself for validation. I know that I have so much more to give when I am filled up from within.
    Wishing you so much love and so many blessings on this journey. Keep breathing and being you. You’ve got this! ❤️

  20. Marie Odom says:

    So happy for your new beginnings, and wonderful beginnings they will be. I look forward to your announcement. I too am in transition. After more than 35 years in one town and one house I am moving to a new community and a new home. It’s difficult to start over after living in a wonderful place for so many years. New friends, new house and new beginnings. WOW!
    I wish you the very best of blessings with your new beginnings, and with your daughter. God Bless.

  21. Katy Rugg says:

    Yes! I am re-launching my little business, Petal Palate (I make artisanal delights w/ edible flowers & herbs 🌞🌱🌹🌿🌻) – & I am starting out small at a local Farmer’s Market. I have big dreams, but I have to build up to those! (And build up the $$ to make those happen :). There is a little more progress every day…but still bills to pay, etc.

    Thank you for the mantra! I will start to use it today! I am trying to remember that this is what I am meant to be doing and bringing to the world! And that it is meant to be FUN. 🌞 Also, that in order to be there for other people and my business, I have to build a strong foundation and take care of myself along the way. Amazing things are about to happen! And your baby girl is going to be so ready to meet you, too! ❤️

  22. Lela DaVia says:

    Congratulations on your upcoming miracle! Yes, I am in a big transition– turning 75 this January and am handling pretty well with the help of my friends young and old, especially my 3 wise grandchildren who keep me moving, laughing, being filled with wonder and sometimes mischief.

    I also teach movement classes to seniors– oldest is 92– they keep me going!

    And, I swim three times a week!

    I also believe that aging is a natural part of life and actually recoil at the notion of staying or looking young when I am not– I feel young at heart but I am growing with awareness into what I hope is a wise elder.

    take good care of yourself as you count these last days/weeks ………

  23. Kevin Decoteau says:

    Hi Erin,
    I remember when waiting for my daughter to make her appearance almost 28 years ago she was “late”, I always thought she was just taking her time, she eventually did show up and wow what a strong willed young lady she became almost from the beginning, she continues to be so, strong, independent and beautiful. It will be worth the wait.
    Blessings, the journey continues.

  24. Jennifer says:

    Oh my goodness, this message comes at exactly the right time for me. Thank you for sharing! Congratulations on the blessings you are about to receive. There is nothing like being a mommy.

  25. Emma says:

    Thank you for your blog. It came just at the right time. We are waiting for our house to sell, so we can move forward with the next chapter of our live. It feels like we are waiting forever, on tender hooks for the ‘sold’ sign to go up. Just when I was giving up faith, I read your blog this morning. Then low and behold this afternoon I received a phone call that someone new wants to come and view the house. I truly believe in the spirit of positivity, my time will come “ideas are still cooking”. Something new is almost ready to bloom and your blog has given me the ‘pickmeup’ I needed. Thank you, with love and gratitude!

  26. Nancy Chalmers says:

    I love this. I too am in transition. But my work life, spiritual life, soulful life. I am 59 years old with many financial, medical difficulties over these past 8 years, I thought life would just always be about struggle, hanging in. Living in the dark, no joy. Never being able to retire from nursing which has been amazing, uplifting, soul destroying, demanding – mentally, physically, emotionally. almost one year ago my mum died – so this is a hard time of year for me. We spent so much time together. With her passing now vs 5 years ago, her home was worth so much more and I did actually get an inheritance which paid off all my debts and will create a small income monthly. Whew. I am so grateful. I feel like I can see the light again, I can dream again. Yet I have been so long in the darkness, so long working full time I am finding it a challenge to think, to feel, to see differently. Can I trust this, can I let go and enjoy life, can I learn to just be, to look at the light. It is a process, a transition. And you Erin are helping. My workouts or walks have new meaning. I’m working on letting go. Thank you. Nancy

  27. Nancy Chalmers says:

    I also meant to say – congratulations on your beautiful baby. She will come into this world when she is ready. I remember doing aerobics around the house with my sister when she was awaiting the birth of her second child – he just wouldn’t come. She thought movement would help. Nope, he had his own schedule. LOL.

  28. Beth Brady says:

    OMG!! Yes…it is awful to wait it out. I am in a transition as well and some days I just don’t know what I am doing. I get so frustrated and go back to old patterns that never worked and don’t work now. So I try a new doctor to seek more answers and help. Good luck Erin!! It is quite a journey you are about to go on!! Reach out and be gentle with you….it is a roller coaster and it is wonderful.

  29. Debbi says:

    Happy Turkey Aftermath, Erin!

    I can relate – my son was three weeks late. Hey, our little ones are no dummies; they’ve got it made! A pool, room service…why should they come out?!! When people started running away from me after they’d ask, “When’s the baby due?” and I’d say, “Two weeks ago!” my husband and I agreed that we’d just pick a future date and tell folks that one! (That actually helped me relax.) Our Lamaze class held a reunion and we were the only ones that showed up still pregnant! LOL

    It will happen soon, dear one, and may the whole family be well and happy. May the delivery be smooth and fast, and may your joy be full!

    Thanks for all the motivation and positive reinforcement you have provided for me. Love the soul stroll and mantras! Can’t wait to see a picture of your beautiful baby girl.<3

  30. Karabo says:

    Hi there thank you so much for this article. I must say at the moment I’m a confused molecule. Im 31 and just discovered that I have a combination of talents and they all want to be utilize. I just don’t know how to channel them and make more money. I feel stuck..

    The little one wants to be with mom, noone else but mom..

  31. Cathy says:

    Love your message and thinking of you and your baby!

  32. Marisela says:

    Hi dear Erin! Thank you for your sharing your experience with us on how you’re feeling and dealing with this moment of transition in your life.
    Blessings to you and your baby and may the journey be lite and happy for both of you! My family and I are transitioning to a new home we have been leaving with family members for the past 16 months since my husband felt the urgency to return to dental school and it has felt really bumpy specially for me and our children. He is now back with us. However we are hopeful to very soon be in our new home. 💜

  33. Lyn says:

    Your waiting for your little girl reminds me of my own delivery 27 yrs ago….
    I was told at my doctor’s appointment that he’d see me the following week with dynamite and a crow bar if necessary… this was on the day of my due date and yes he has a dark and funny sense of humor…. But the water was not long as my own sweet one appeared just two days later!!!!! Ive never had a problem waiting nor of the knowledge that things take their own time t manifest!!!!

  34. Emily says:

    I hear you, Erin!!!! I’ve felt the same way with regard to waiting for funding to launch my business. Sometimes it felt like it was never coming. But then I realized the Universe was giving me the chance to clean up some things in my life that would make me fully prepared for the launch when the time came. So I focused on those things and then the funding came through. Divine timing is definitely a thing and I trust in it. I wish you a safe and joyous delivery!!!

  35. Anne says:

    Thank you so much Erin ❤️ This is exactly what I need at present!
    Lots of love xxx

  36. Sara says:

    Right on! Good luck with the birth!

  37. Dawna Chretien says:

    Hi Erin, You read my mind🙃 But I didn’t know what to call it.
    No vs Not Yet is perfect ! What a sigh of relief. I understand it completely ! I’ll try harder to be patient😇
    Thank you for your reassurance,
    Dawna Chretien

  38. Esra says:

    Thank you so much Erin for these precious insights and these wonderful mantras! They brought tears to my eyes… These are such great truths, and reading your words – and saying them – just felt so right! I have been feeling stuck in many areas of my life for such a long time now, and I do understand what you mean by having the feeling that “Life is telling you, “No, sorry, the next thing is not for you””… I do believe in a deeper wisdom of Life, yet time and again I tend to lose my faith, having the feeling the status quo will never take an end. The message you shared today was so on time for me too, it acted as a friendly reminder 🙂 and an amazing catalyst! The synchronicity is incredible indeed. You put it into simple, yet poetical and moving words: “Something new is ready to bloom. Something amazing is coming my way”… wow! Sounds like a song for the soul… I will keep in mind your great “No vs. not yet” dear Erin. It’s so full of hope.
    An astrologer said, crisis is the time interval between the end of an old era and the beginning of a new one… What works for history of humankind works for each one of us too.
    Yes, change is our chance!
    Many thanks again Erin. Wishing your baby girl a luminous arrival in our world… and much love to you!

  39. Raye says:

    Thank you for this Erin. I am not even sure how I got on your email list, but of course, you message came at just the right moment. I have been calling in my soulmate for several months now. As you say, I have visualized, taken action, all of it! Everything you say resonates. Thank you for the mantra, I have already begun using it! Blessings to you and your little one soon!

  40. francine edwige says:

    Thank you so much for your love and for sharing. Baby love and you be blessed wonderfully. Your joy accompanies me oftenand I say What or who Iseek is also seeing me so I feel better and it mbrings me fun
    Much love to you and your commuity

  41. Yve says:

    Hi Erin, Thank you for your encouragement…..and good things
    are well worth waiting for!
    So exciting that you will be a momma before you
    Know it!
    So enjoy this gestation period because you
    will have the rest of your days being a mom.
    Breathe deep, get your hubby to give you some warm
    essential oil foot massages…read some nice distracting
    Novel….and before you know it……Shazam, you’ll be
    a momma❤️.

  42. Gina says:

    Erin! I feel like I get the no vs. not yet so much more when you put it in pregnancy terms! November 27th 2016 was my due date and I had the baby November 29th. He came even though he didn’t want to and wasn’t ready via C-section. This is a good reminder to be patient and yes everything does come to and end in some way shape or form. As a fellow mama trust me when I say hang in there and take your time. She will come when she is ready!

  43. bina says:

    thank you so much dear Erin…truly love your mantras..i let go of the old and welcome the new. :)…bless you

  44. bina says:

    thank you so much dear Erin…truly love your mantras..i let go of the old and welcome the new. :)…

  45. Ana says:

    Wishes for a fabulous birthing, Erin!

    I too am waiting for the next BIG thing to happen. …

    Such a coincidence to read your blog today.

  46. Dee Dee says:

    I really needed to read this and currently feeling very stuck right now i. My life but i thank God he sent you to bring me hope you have no idea how this blessed my life on Today thanks so much


    I can REALLY relate to where you’re at. I feel the same way, kind of stuck. I am definitely in a transition moment. I live in Puerto Rico (right now with no electricity, no internet, everything os a process here) and I am going on vacation to Miami, Florida, but now I am planning to move there, and there is so much I need to do before living that’s overwhelming. Also, a relationship that’s ending,,or better said, changing its form…Some problems with my child. So everything feels kind of upside down….And in the process I got sick with a bronquial inflammation and asma (wonder why so much going on), which has being very frustrating, since I had to pause the 30 days challenge, hoping to retake it soon enough, as I understand I will be able to access it, correct? So I am trying to take it moment by moment, day by day, trying to meditate as much as I can, pratice pranayama, and gentle yoga….Now I am going to include the affirmations you included in your message.
    Thank you so muxh for your program!!! Love the energy you put on it!!! It’s such a great concept and you have such a beautiful energy!! You’re a blessing!!
    In Love & Light


      *leaving (not living)
      *bronchial inflammation ans asthma (sorry, I kind of wrote thast in Spanish…Also I am not wearing my glassed)


      *leaving (not living)
      *bronchial inflammation and asthma (sorry, I kind of wrote that in Spanish…Also, I am not wearing my glasses)

  48. Karla M Dierks says:

    Thanks for all that you do! For all of your positivity and sharing your sparkle.
    Wishing you blessings and luck with the new baby girl!

  49. I so identified with your “pre-birth” story! My daughter arrived later than expected as well, but so very worth that “not yet” time, or “The Long Almost,” as I sometimes call it!

    Wonderful mantras and message. November energies have been about restarts and rebirthing, and Mercury Retro continues and culminates that in December. Many, many of us on the threshold of newness, and this Not Yet time can be a real test of trust in Divine Source/Universe to guide us across! Sending Fruition energies to you and all of us in this transition phase 💖🌈

  50. Kate says:

    Hi Erin!

    Thank you so much for this post! This is exactly what I needed to hear to help me loosen my “grip” and expectations, and drop the desperation around my next steps for my career. I’m job hunting at the moment, and haven’t had any interviews. It is SUCH a relief to know that it just hasn’t come …YET, and that the perfect opportunity is on it’s way. I’m going to keep this mantra close to me over the coming weeks, and focus on taking daily actions. Something amazing is coming my way!
    Love, love, love to you and your wee one. 🙂

  51. Sonja says:

    Congratulations on your new beginnings!
    Give Thanks:-) for your message. You gave me food for thought. Something that I can keep forever.

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