My Almost New Year Plan

How are you feeling on these last few days of the New Year?

If you are feeling anything like me during this time, you are in mellow mode, bordering on la-ease. It’s like la-zy, but it’s much nicer, no? I’ll be candid in saying I don’t feel much like doing anything aside from cuddling under my cozy covers and only going out to catch up on the latest movie releases. (Zero Dark Thirty is on tonight’s agenda).

Rather than forcing or pushing myself (I have learned that that usually results in my own personal rebellion), I am riding the ‘chill’ wave, knowing a big surge of  ‘let’s take some action’ will come soon enough. Now is the time to go inside. I trust that deeply.

So with that, here is my plan for the next few days:

1.    Clear the next few mornings of any obligations, as this when I AM MOST INSPIRED.

2.    Do some sort of a light movement, remember I am feeling la-ease. (In case you haven’t seen my free Thigh + Booty Workout, YOU CAN DO IT HERE)

3.    After moving my body, set myself up with a big cup of English Breakfast or Assam tea.

4.    Crack open my new notebook. I love this ONE. It is oversize and lined. So I can take up a lot of space while staying fairly organized.

5.    Press play on THIS spotify playlist. For chillin’ + feelin’.

6.    Go to town on THIS DREAM GENERATOR worksheet I am sharing with you today.  It asks thought provoking questions about everything from what you want to let go of in 2012 as well as what you want to call in.

If you would like to do a little dreaming, feel free to download that baby and have your own journaling jam session to help the creative juices flow freely. I know spending an hour isn’t enough to plan your entire year, but it will certainly start moving you in the right direction. After all, intention is everything.

So, what will you do between now and the New Year? If you have anything you are really excited about or rituals that light you up, share it in the comments.

Here is to a happy and healthy New Year!

With love,

P.S. Want to workout together, but don’t live in NYC? Shrink Session online is HERE and READY FOR YOU!

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6 Responses to My Almost New Year Plan

  1. Ramani says:

    You are AMAZING. Really. You don’t even know how much of an inspiration you are. I am stuck in a rut and just downloaded the Dream Generator. I already LOVE it and am going to go buy a pretty journal for it while listening to your playlist. You give us ALL the tools we need to creat change and set it up in a way that we can’t bail.

    I also just moved to Dallas and miss you but love that I can do Shrink Session from all the way here.

    You’re a guiding force, in the right direction. Thank you Erin. xoxo.

  2. Ramani said it best–ditto!

    Happy New Year and thanks for continuing to share your magic.

    xoxo lee

  3. Laura Baran says:

    Thanks for the reminder that I’m allowed to take it easy. I intend to allow more ease for myself in 2013. More permission to chill out and enjoy the chilling out. I intend to do a list of dreams and goals for 2013.
    Love you!

  4. Andrada says:

    Hi Lovely Erin,
    I am writing to you from Romania , Europe …however i don’t feel i am that far away 🙂
    Last year i was feeling down and empty before the New Year.I read your email at that time and thought i should give the Dream Generator a try , just to test the result at the end of 2013 .
    I personally am not a fan of making lists, however making that list about what i appreciate about the past year really gave me an instant fill of joy , even though at start i was thinking it had been just a regular year ! Then this feeling of content helped me imagine a brand new year with the key word “Expansiveness , Gratitude and Enjoyment” .
    Now i am happy to say that the feeling of content stayed with me throughout the whole year and 2013 was for me far and beyond the description i chose for it 🙂
    I want to thank you from the warmth of my heart for this inspiration and for everything that you do , I can’t wait to make my new list these days and I will keep reading your emails !
    Wish you all the best in New Year and keep being our shining Star!

    With Love and Gratitude ,