How to Name and Own Exactly What You Want

If we take the right steps, this busy and hectic time of year can be incredibly magical and special.

It’s not the holiday cheer, sparkly lights and presents that make it so (though I will have an amazing gift guide for you next week;), but rather the fact that THIS is often when we take stock and start making space for new things to come.

We all begin to think about what we want to do, have and create in the new year.

I personally start to dream up new ideas about my business, my family life, travel, and even where I want to live.

But what happens when you don’t KNOW what you want in the months to come?

Or worse, what happens when you are afraid to voice it and be specific?

This used to happen to me every year.

I would have a million ideas about what I wanted to do.

But they didn’t always make sense and many seemed impossible to make happen.

So I just sort of stayed vague about what I really wanted.  

More often than not, I was so afraid that if I got specific and chose just one of them, I would be terribly disappointed if it didn’t work out.

Your Feelings are Valid

But the truth is, when we aren’t precise about our desires because we’re scared they won’t work out, we limit what’s possible and sell ourselves short.

We fear we’ll be stuck with something we don’t really want and unable to change our minds.

Sometimes, we even say, “I don’t really know what I want. I’m confused.”

I have news for you. It’s rare that anyone is truly confused about what they want!

You may, however have different and conflicting feelings.

If so, each of your feelings is valid.

I would rather you be honest and say, “I want to be alone, but I also want to be with someone!”

Because sometimes, ain’t that the truth?

You don’t have to feel just one way. We are all filled with contradictions.

However, if you find yourself regularly feeling confused about your desires, I invite you to look at it in a different way.

For example, this year, I want to both grow my business in brand new ways, but I ALSO really want to spend as much time as possible with my little girl.

You can see how these two things are slightly opposed to one another. (Or so I thought, but more on that later.)

I have to own that I want both.

I have to get clear about what each of those things would look like. And I have to be willing to be specific in order to make that happen.

How to Name and Own Exactly What You Want

Over the years, I have taken myself through a fun, easy and energizing process that helps me name and own exactly what I want. 

And it works, every year. I pave the way for making it happen, just by gaining clarity.

So let me ask you, do you know what you want this next year?

Do you have a process that can help you get clear and own your desires?

If you are feeling uncertain my new book Mantras In Motion: Manifesting What You Want Through Mindful Movement, can help.

I walk you through a step by step process for gaining clarity and feeling confident in your truest desires.

And even though the book doesn’t come out until Jan. 8th, you can actually start the process RIGHT NOW.

When you pre-order, you get immediate access to my Magical Manifesters Bonus Workshop, where we spend time getting clear on your desires.

Here is what one of our Manifesters had to say about it just the other day:

“I LOVED the Magical Manifesters Bonus workshop. It really helped me get clarity on my desires and start an action plan. I liked how you had us pause the workshop and write out our desires there and then! No putting off getting this done. Loved the Belief meditation as well! 

The workshop is a way to gain clarity on your innermost intentions… like pushing a re-fresh button to allow your desires to sharpen into focus, and to see the blocks we put up to obtaining these desires.”  -Laura

You also get immediate access to the audiobook, so you technically don’t have to wait until the book releases on Jan. 9th to get started.

These bonuses and more, will be available ONLY BEFORE the book comes out on Jan. 8th.

So come on over and learn about all the goodies you get when you pre-order.

And, I just want to remind you that you are not confused.

You know what you want.

Now, let’s make sure you can voice it clearly and with passion, so you can go make it happen.

With love,


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