march money madness begins

2012 is in full swing. Spring is around the corner. If you can’t FEEL it, then surely you have seen the NEON flashing signs -and by that, I mean those colored jeans that seem to be all the rage for Spring.  (I’m still debating whether or not to take that plunge.)

Now that the New Year hoopla has worn off and a sweeter, calmer approach to living has set in, your feet are likely more firmly planted in THIS YEAR.

When you feel more grounded and secure, letting go of what you don’t need and restructuring your dreams and goals, becomes a hell of a lot easier.

So, let’s talk DEEP. SPRING. CLEAN.

I know it’s a little early, but nothing gets me fired up like a good cleaning session.
I am talking about getting all Orphan Annie on your ass and making things SHINE like the Top of the Chrysler Buidling. And I am not just referring to your home or your closet, but to your entire life.
Don’t you want it to be all sparkly?
What in your life needs dusting off or better yet, tossing out?
There are usually some unspoken career dreams buried at the bottom of a closet or a better way to organize your finances hiding on the top shelf of your bookcase.

Cleaning is not always just about getting rid of grime. It is often about discovering what is really there and finding better ways to make use of it.

This is a powerful month to begin your Spring Clean. The days are getting longer, there is more light. You naturally will have more energy, which means calling up enthusiasm (an essential ingredient in producing results) will feel more natural.

I’m kicking off the month of spring cleaning with your DOLLARS. (I had a mentor who told me she liked to iron her dollers as a kid. That’s keepin your money straight, yo!)

Tonight, I kick off March Money Madness in Shrink Session and on the blog. (you can still jump in!)

I will be talking about both the practical side of it (how much you bring in vs how much is going out) and the spiritual side of it. (TIP: Try saying that you are CIRCULATING your dollars vs. spending them. It implies that the money is coming back to you).

Then, I am thrilled to announce that a new round of Magical Manifesters begins April 2. You can register starting TODAY!

This 4 week digital course prompts you to DREAM from a safe place, let go of what needs tossing and then to create a plan of action for the dreams that bubble up.   Along the way you are given power tools and processes that promote intense energy alchemy.

Here is what a few Manifesters are saying from the last round…

“Before this program, I had dreams that I realized were dreams (though I wasn’t doing much to achieve them) and dreams that I had suppressed, ignored, or told myself weren’t possible. Now I see that the dreams I thought were silly before aren’t silly, and they are completely within my grasp; furthermore, only I can make them happen.” -B.L.K -NYC

“The best thing is that it’s a process that I can do over and over and the fact that you have introduced me to so many new tools to create structure and accountability. You have over delivered in so many ways. I love the fact that you have been commenting and participating + giving way more content that you promised.” –Maj Jenson, Denmark

“I WILL be telling everyone I know to take the course. It really is fantastic!” –Jolynn Baca 

So are you ready to show Miss Hanigan who’s boss?! (fingers crossed this reference is not lost.)

With love in neon colors,

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