You Have to Make Space for Greatness

On Tuesday, I will finally be announcing the most exciting program I have been working on, in a long time. So be sure to open your email from me then, because there will be a very special offer for you.

In the meantime, let’s talk about making space in our lives.

From my first visit to New York City at age 16, I felt the need to live in the East Village in my bones.

Hip. Grungy. Artist-filled. It was the ultimate playground for a wide-eyed artist ready to take on the world.

Fast forward to my first year after college. Through several odd jobs and a lot of penny-pinching, I scrounged together enough money to get a studio smack dab in the middle of East Village. It was 250 square feet…

But not of the intricately-designed, modern tiny home variety.

It was a former tenement building with room for a bed and a small seating area. The bathroom had a stand-up shower and a toilet; no sink. Paper-thin walls left nothing to the imagination with my neighbors.

Despite all its pitfalls, it was everything I wanted.

Over time, though, my Bohemian fantasy began to wear thin. Around that time, a friend told me about a program in which 20 percent of the units in new, luxury doorman buildings in Chelsea were being subsidized for people who fell within a low-income bracket. (Yup, me.)

There was an application process. Case managers. A healthy waiting list. At first, I stayed on top of it all. But gradually, my dedication waned.

I was so used to my neighborhood, my way of life, and even my struggle, that a part of me thought I would lose my identity by moving to the posh location.

I enjoyed the safety. I knew who I was in my studio. I knew things weren’t perfect, but it was familiar.

My world shook a bit the day a friend told me this: “Erin, you have to make room for greatness.”

I wasn’t going to get the apartment of my dreams — the one that would, and did, open so many doors for me — if I remained stuck in my situation, not clearing the space for something better.

I walked to the building. Greeted the doormen. Strolled through the neighborhood, getting on the subway at the nearest station. Then, every night after, I visualized that as my every day. I let go of my current situation in my mind, body, and soul.

Not only did I get the apartment, but I learned a life-changing lesson:

And then?

We need to call it in. 

What do you need to clear in order to have the calm; the strength; the change you crave?

And how will you call it in when that space is made?

It’s not easy to let go of the familiar — but it can be so worth it.

If you’re ready to call in your success, leave me a comment below and tell me specifically, what area of your life needs more space for greatness. Where do you need to put a little attention and energy on, in order for you to feel more powerful?  Then, I want you to declare it — and be ready for me to celebrate it with you. 🙂

With love,

P.S. Talk about calling in Greatness. Holy cow, it’s been a little crazy over here with our new program. Be sure to open your email from me this coming Tuesday. I’m finally sharing what I have been working on the last few months and there will be a special offer, just for you!

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