Why Letting Go Helps You Grow

Last week, I went to New York to let go of something very near and dear to my heart.

I spent almost 2 years manifesting it and when I got it, it absolutely changed my life.

It’s the reason I was able to continue acting when I did. It’s the reason I was able to start and grow my business. It’s even how my now husband and I started our life together over 7 years ago.

So many incredible things have come from this one manifestation.

And as sad and truthfully heartbroken as I am, the time has come to let it go and make space for something new.

Click on the image below to hear one of my most powerful manifesting stories. But it is also a story of letting go and making space.

Once you watch, leave a comment on the IGTV post and let me know how it resonated. Is there something you are ready to let go of? Do you need to let it go in order to make space for something new?

Would love to hear from you so come on over!

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And if you’re ready to manifest something new, sign up for the 7-day free trial and check out this short gentle yin yoga class. We will create a little heat in your body before we relax and let go.  Throughout this practice, we will be focusing on what you want to manifest and giving it energy and ease.

Looking forward to seeing you inside The Movement!

With love,

P.S.If you want more tools for manifesting, check out the 10-day Manifesting Success program or the Magical Manifesters workshop.  Sign up today!

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