Can you really do what you love and not go broke?

Next week before 2013 officially ends, I am going to share my annual tradition. I hope you will take part in it with me because it is really fun and rewarding.  

But before we get there, I wanted to share one of the highlights of my year.

About a year and half ago I had the honor of designing and shooting short mini Shrink Session workouts for author, speaker and creator of all things Crazy Sexy, Kris Carr.

She wanted to use them while she was writing her NY Times best selling book, Crazy Sexy Kitchen.

She loved them and we became pals.  

Kris is an incredible woman who not only inspires a large community of people with her outstanding health and wellness work, but also shows them how to live boldy and beautifully in the face of challenge.

Today, I wanted to share the interview I recently did with Kris on her new and very exciting program, The Spotlight Crash Course.

She talks about our work together in the first few minutes of the vid. Can we say,”OMG!” I was blushing!:)

Kris is a visionary when it comes to business and I would be lying if there weren’t times I turned to her to asked, “What should I do next with my business?”

She has managed to make a living doing what she loves while helping others and also filling her own spiritual well in living a beautiful life.

I am excited that Kris is FINALLY teaching her secrets.

If you are trying to figure out how to get your message out there while building an international following of happy readers and customers you need to check this out.

Especially if you want to know how to become a beloved blogger, author, speaker, or sought-after expert—I’m talking about getting calls from Oprah’s producers, more fan mail than you can possibly answer and massive book deals with the top publisher in your field.

Kris has worked with agents, editors, TV producers and publicists for close to 20 years. Plus, her website attracts 4 million visits a year! This woman definitely knows her stuff.

As a special offer for my readers, Kris is giving an exclusive preview of The Spotlight Crash Course. Head on over HERE to get three powerful audio excerpts now:

In these exclusive previews, you’ll learn:

  • What every book proposal must contain from Patty Gift, Director of Acquisitions
    for Hay House
  • How to give a killer keynote from Gail Larsen, Founder of Real Speaking
  • Pitch strategies to land media with Rachel Hanfling, Emmy Nominated former producer for Oprah & Anderson Cooper

I recommend you check it out today as she has some special bonuses that won’t be around much longer.

You can find out more about her amazing Spotlight Course HERE.

I will see you next week with an awesome END of YEAR exercise that you are going to love.

Til then,

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