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Last post, I told you about the best investment I ever made in my business, working with Marie Forleo. You have until March 5th to register for her incredible B School program. At the bottom of this post, I share how you can work with her and the $1000 worth of bonus gifts I am offering when you sign up through my link. (They are juicy!)

But before we get to that, I want to share something that I just can’t put off any longer.

At the start of 2013, I declared my words for the year to be CONNECTION + CREATIVITY.

I knew I wanted to deepen each and every relationship in my life while also putting energy into my creativity simply for the sake of creativity.

Whether that meant going back to acting class, taking a writing class or painting like the one I did below, this was going to be the year to explore my creative edges.


While I have been spending more time with people I love, I haven’t quite found the “right” place to explore my creative edges.

No actually. Let me be honest, I haven’t really MADE the time and space for it.

Why? Because CHANGE IS HARD.

What does CHANGE have to do with my creativity? Let me explain.

Spending time writing, dancing or painting is not HARD. The hour I spent painting that little ditty was the easiest, most enjoyable thing I had done that week.

So why not do it more?

Because STOPPING doing other things and changing your routine, schedule or habits is hard.

I repeat.

It is the act of CHANGING that is hard. Period. End of story.

Let’s say you intuitively know it is time to invest time and energy into your business.

I can promise you that the things you need to do (create a project list, get your website in order, figure out what it is you are selling, etc.) are not that difficult as far as individual tasks go.  

Yes, there are some new skills that you might need to learn, but people far less competent than you are running 6 figure businesses, so it is absolutely possible to figure out how to do the things I mention above.

However, in order to make things happen, it will require you to mobilize your emotional self and STOP doing other things.

It will mean that you must say NO to some activities and actions you are already doing.  

And this is where people get stuck.

Create IMMEDIATE change

Here are 4 questions to ask yourself to help you create IMMEDIATE change:

1. What do you want, what do you really really want?

You are an intuitive soul. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t. So without over thinking it, write down 3 things you want to be doing more of. They can be simple tasks or projects.

2. How much time do you need?

Next to each item, write down how approximately how long you think it will take you to complete these babies, from start to finish?

3. What do you need to say NO to?

In order to get this shizz done, you are going to have to say NO to doing other things. So, I want you to tell me, what will you have to say NO to?

Some common No’sies:

No to endless hours of Facebook.
No to scheduling too many clients back to back.
No to going on auditions you don’t really want the part for.
No to watching TV past 10pm.

4. Can you Say YES to the Dress?

You are not actually saying Yes to any dress, but that is a great TV show title. In all seriousness, once you say NO to some of these other things, declare all the wonderful things you will be saying YES to.

What opportunities open up for you as a result of saying NO?

Question number 4 is the most important. This is how you are going to motivate  the elephant. 

Chip and Dan Heath, authors of Switch, How to Change Things When Change is Hard, talk about the elephant as our emotional, instinctive side, which can be lazy and skittish and will take any quick payoff over a long-term reward.

When you can motivate the elephant and allow yourself to feel and understand the positive effects of Change, you are more likely to stick to it.

After you answer these 4 questions, I invite you to share your answers below in the comment section. Because at the end of the day this is about taking action.

And just think, by leaving a comment, you are saying NO to clicking away from this page and YES to declaring your intentions.

See, you are already Winning!



Monday, March 5th at 3pm is the deadline to enroll in Marie Forleo’s B-school.  Since the program only happens once a year, I didn’t want you to miss out.

I wanted to highlight two important things about B-School that makes it different than anything else out there.

Marie’s curriculum is incredibly comprehensive, but in addition to that…

B-School has a HUGELY supportive community. It comes with a worldwide network of entrepreneurs who are committed to growing themselves and their businesses for all the right reasons. If you have ever felt alone in your pursuit for awesomeness, the B-School community will change your life.

When you register for B-School through THIS LINK, I am giving away:

1. Full access to my signature course, Magical Manifesters. This course has helped many B-Schoolers get clear on their goals so that they can make the most of the B-School curriculum.

2. I am also giving you access to my brand new program Shrink Session. This is the first on-line workout program that combines life coaching, cardio-dance, meditation and more. The community of Shrinkers has spread around the entire world. You will not just have an opportunity to transform your body, but to transform every area of your life.

3. TWO live Coaching Q + A calls with me, where you, me and our little mastermind of B-Schoolers will get to ask me ANY and EVERY question about what I have done in my business and as well as helping you to gain clarity on yours! I will limit the group calls to 10 people. So if there are more in our group, we will split people up. ($400 value)

4. A ticket to my first LIVE urban one day retreat in NYC in June! ($200 value)
At the retreat, you will experience a Shrink Session workout as well a day filled with magical coaching and inspiration. Exact Date TBD.

When you purchase B-School here, you will get both programs for FREE. That is a $1000 value, just so ya know.

All ya gotta do is shoot me an email with your B-School receipt and we will HOOK YOU up right away.

Lastly, if you have ANY questions about B-School, please just hit reply to this email and ask away. While I receive a commission for the sales, I absolutely will tell you if I think it is the right investment for you to make right now.

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