Which category do you fall into?

It’s that time of year.

Summer is winding down and I’m sensing people are getting a anxious/excited/sad/happy about the “school year”.

People seem to fall into 1 of 2 categories during this time:

Category 1

“I LOVE fall! Fall clothes, fall boots, fall pumpkins! I love everything pumpkin. I love refocusing, I love rededicating and am so excited to GO BACK TO SCHOOL and I am not even IN SCHOOL anymore!!”

Category 2

“I feel anxious about accomplishing what I want to accomplish between now and the end of the year! There is so much I want to do before 2013 ends! I don’t want the year to close out without getting it all done. I have to pack up my flip flops?! Waaaa!”

Which category do YOU fall into?

I’m probably a mixture of both. I love the feeling of ‘something new’, but I do get a little anxious about getting everything done.

Which ever one applies to you, there is a way to enjoy the transition and make the MOST out of the remainder of 2013.

It’s important to take a deep breath, collect yourself and make sure you have a  PLAN.

Not just any plan, but a magical plan.

A manifesting plan.

How about a Magical Manifesting plan.

Oooh, aaaahhh.

Maybe you knew where I was going with that, but in case you aren’t familiar, Magical Manifsters is my signature course that helps you get very clear on what you want and then helps you make a plan of action for those desires.

Today I am inviting you to come on over and check out the new Magical Manifester digs, HERE.

You might think the name Magical Manifesters sounds woo-woo, but the process I take you through in my signature course is anything but hocus pocus.

Holy Smokes, my goals are actually coming through right on time. Renters for Condo for Sept 1st. Check. Moving to the west coast. Check. Connecting with Yoga Works (Apt set for Friday Sept 7th to discuss work opportunity). Check. Now after I get through these next few weeks, time to look at 6 month goals to refocus and keep moving forward.”   -Laurel Silverman, Chicago

Magic is when something happens that is so unexpected, so inexplicable that we are in total awe of it.

I believe in Magic. I believe it is around us every single day.

But a big part of the creating MAGIC, as Seth Godin says, is GENEROSITY.

You have to generously give yourself the TIME to make plans.

And then you have to generously put yourself and your ideas out there in the form of action.

Too often, I see people struggle with not knowing what they really want in their businesses, their love life or even how they want to feel in their bodies. And if they do know, they have a hard time owning it and articulating it clearly.

These same people struggle with not knowing the RIGHT actions steps to take and the RIGHT resources to utilize.

And so they have a hard time getting things they want.

“A lot of people are afraid to ask for what they want that’s why they don’t get what they want.” -Madonna

I have helped hundreds of people get and give what they want, so there is less hustle and more flow in their lives.

“I went from NOT auditioning to auditioning, getting callbacks, performing in the city and last week I filmed my first big commercial… if I could kick myself in the shins for waiting so long to sign up, I would.” -Christine Cartell, NYC

If you are feeling frustrated and stuck, spinning your wheels and not moving forward on in your business, your finances, your body, or even your love life, I invite you to hop on over to our new MAGICAL MANIFESTERS digs to learn more.

Today through Sept. 15th, I am offering an EARLY BIRD special on the course. (The course starts Monday Sept. 23rd)

I’ll be back in your inbox in a few days with some more MAGICAL tips and goodies, but in the meantime, if you are ready to get your own wand or are just curious, come on over HERE.

Early bird gets the worm on this one. AKA saves 50 bucks.  

Happy, love, joy.

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