How to find your next BIG idea

What if I told you I am working on a new project and it’s going to be incredibly exciting, beautiful, inspiring, oh and life changing, too?

Would you be dying to know what it is!?

Guess what?

So would I. Seriously.

Here’s the truth.

I am working on a new project AND I am not totally sure what it is yet.

Yup, not precisely clear. The full idea has not yet been revealed. It’s in the formulation phase. There are pieces here and there, but it hasn’t come into a clear picture.

(I know. After last week’s post, yet another scandalous thing for a business owner to reveal!)

Have you ever been in the space where you know you are on the brink of something, but you don’t know exactly what it is and are not able to articulate the idea yet?

You know fabulousness is your destiny. You know you have stuff to say and people who need to hear it, but what it is EXACTLY… meh. Not sure.

Maybe you feel it’s on the tip of your tongue and if someone would just tell you the answer, you would be all, “Yes! That’s it! I am saved!” Angels singing.

But the damn angels don’t show up and nobody ever tells you. I call this, THE VOID. It’s the dark space between you and your Light.

I know as a creative artists and entrepreneurs, this can be just about the most uncomfortable place in the world to be.

But lean in, because this is the important part.

Stop FREAKING the heck out during this time of ‘not knowing’!

Many people repeat to themselves and everyone around them, “I don’t know. I’m not sure. I don’t know what I am doing. I don’t know what I want. I am confused.”

The problem is that when you declare this to yourself over and over again, you create blocks for the light to enter.

You must walk through and fully embrace the darkness in order to find the light.

It’s ok not to know.

It’s all right not to have the answer.

In fact, in Kabbalah they say the more darkness (challenge) there is in any situation, the more potential there is for Light (love.) How do you like that?

How to find your next BIG idea

If you are in that pitch-dark room, wondering what your next idea/move/project/answer is going to be, I recommend 2 things.


Each day when you write your  TO DO list, literally add this action item:

STEP INTO THE VOID- 30 minutes.

What does stepping into the void look like? I don’t know and neither do you. That’s the point. It’s different every time you do it. It allows you 30 minutes of unburdened time, giving you permission to literally NOT KNOW.

During that time you might write, you might think, you might cry. Who knows!? (Psst, the truth is that Universe will likely rush in with some great stuff, so go ahead and step in.)

I created my one woman show, The Last Good Girl, by stepping into the void everyday for several weeks. I knew I wanted to write a show. I had some character ideas, but I had NO idea where these characters lived or what their stories were. It was in the Void that the show began to reveal itself, one scene at a time.


Cut it out, friend. It’s not helping. You may not know at this very second. But ya gotta declare something else. You have to decide that you WILL know exactly when you know. The answers ARE on their way. The path IS being carved right as you read these words.

The mantras we use for this month’s SHRINK SESSION might help give you some more powerful words to focus on while you are searching.


It’s my time
My vision is clear
I can feel my power
Right now, right here
I will HOLD the vision
I will take the action
I am ready to break through
to TOTAL satisfaction
I am miracle magnet

What I desire is on it’s way
What I seek, is also seeking me

I have decided that I am going to bring you along as I move through some of the formulation and creation phases of my next project.

It will come through in my FACEBOOK posts, INSTAGRAM photos and maybe a blog post here and there.

I think as artists and entrepreneurs we should not only share our finished products, but perhaps if we share the journey of how we got there it will inspire others to set sail on their own creative journey as well.

(It’s ok to be honest about the fact that the creative process can be a crazy hot mess, yes?)

Right now, I want you to tell me:

1. Have you ever been in the place where you didn’t have something figured out?
2. Did it eventually get revealed?
3. Where there any actions you took to help the process along?

I think that your answers will help remind you of your own power in sorting through things and it will inspire others who might be in the dark right now.

With little itty bitty baby sparks of light and exciting things to come,

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