Five Minute Morning Meditation

This morning I woke up at 5am. Jet lag will do that to a girl.

As I lay in bed, I almost immediately started making a list of all the things I felt I needed to do now that I am back stateside. The list started making itself.

Unpack, do laundry, return Bloomingdales, start taxes, start thank you notes… etc.

And on and on it went. I hadn’t been awake a mere 5 minutes and already I could feel anxiety creep in.

So instead, while it was still dark and quiet, I put my attention on my breath, by naming the inhale and exhale. Always a good place to start.

Inhaling, exhaling. Inhaling, exhaling.

And anytime, my mind was pulled to the list, I would simply notice to myself, “Making a list.” And anytime the list would cause a tightness in my chest, I would say to myself, “Tightness, tightness…” and return to the breath.

This is the simple meditation practice of gently naming what is coming up from you as a
way to deepen your awareness.

Once I felt that I was a little more connected and my mind was quiet, on the inhale, I added the mantra, “I am calm” and on the exhale “I am at ease.”

Inhale, “I am calm.”

Exhale, “I am at ease.”

And when I was ready, I added the mantra, “I am here to create.” Simply reminding myself of my power to create love, peace and ease in my own life and in those around me.

This is a simple meditation you can do within the first few minutes of waking up, before you do anything else.

I recommend you simply focus on the breath the first few moments. If you add a mantra in too soon, it can easily become part of the other noise in your mind.

Let yourself slow down a bit before, then give yourself that beautiful sweet message you need to hear. That is all there is to this simple 5 minute morning meditation.

Namaste. Xo

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