Does this happen to you too?

Do you have Leaky Energy Syndrome? You seriously might, and I want to help.

But first, quick story:

Last week I went for a run with a friend.

Truth be told, I didn’t feel like running. I was tired. Mentally and physically. I had a shoot the day before and I was prepping to teach a big charity class for Bright Pink the next day.

But, I decided to give it my best shot.

The minute we started, I found myself frustrated, trying to keep pace.

My internal dialogue pretty much went like this on repeat, “He’s going so fast. Why can’t he slow down? Why can’t I keep up? Why did I agree to this?”

As we continued, I became more and more tired and less willing to continue.

It took me about half the run to recognize that I was experiencing what I call LEAKY ENERGY SYNDROME.

I’ll explain.

Imagine for a moment, that you get ONE tank full of energy for the week. That’s all.

You are going to use that energy for all the things you want to accomplish this week: writing your latest blog post, getting ready for your hot date or prepping for your audition.

And you want to nail all these things. (Head out of gutter, friend.)

But, throughout the day and week, you slip into thoughts like, “I’m not that great of a writer, why can’t I write more like so and so”, “This guy is is going to look 10 years older than his pic”, or “Why can’t casting step into 2013 and do this stuff online?”

I want you to imagine that each moment you spend on one of these thoughts, your energy tank lowers just a wee bit. This means you have LESS of it to use for all those great things you want to do.

In turn, you have less juice for your writing, less enthusiasm for your date, and less confidence for your audition.

If thoughts like this are constantly crossing your mind, it is likely you too have LEAKY ENERGY SYNDROME.

The problem is that most of us don’t know our energy is leaking.

Remember how I said it took me half the run to notice my own thoughts?

We are so in the habit of worrying, comparing or complaining, that we aren’t aware of how it might be taking away from our own greatness.

Spending mental energy worrying about things you can’t control or wishing you were in a different life position, is draining your energy life force.

I am not saying be happy all the time. (Please don’t buy into the illusion that you are supposed to be.)

I am not saying don’t vent when things are bothering you. (That’s what a glass of wine and good friends are for.)

What I am suggesting is that you start noticing how and when your mental energy is being zapped in ways that do not support what you REALLY want in life.

When your energy starts to LEAK, here are some things you can do:

1. Turn your attention back to what you CAN DO.

2. Focus on what you DO HAVE.

3. REST if you need.

4. Slow DOWN.

5. Make a list of things you are EXCITED about.

6. Tell someone you are GRATEFUL for them.

7. Look in the gosh darn mirror and say, “Hello Sexy, Gorgeous Thing, it’s great to see YOU today! You are one fine specimen.”

Do whatever it takes to stop the leaky energy…

So that you can keep runnin’.

Today, I want you to come on over HERE to the blog and tell me three things:

1. What is the nature of your Leaky Energy Syndrome? Does it come in the form of comparing, worrying or complaining? Is it about the same subject/people each time?

2. When it happens, how does it usually make you feel?

3. What would your day look like if you didn’t have Leaky Energy Syndrome?

Tell me in the comments. I am curious to see if us humans have similar ways in which our energy leaks and I will be answering any questions you might have.

Tighten up those leaks, baby!


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