Deeply, Madly, Passionately

What could I possibly be talking about? Love of course. But of course.

How many of you are deeply, madly, passionately in love?

I don’t mean with someone else.

I actually mean with yourself.

Sound silly? Arrogant? Ridiculous?

Good. Nothing exciting ever happens in safe, conservative, uptight land.

I recently read this wonderful book called Soul Mate Secret by Arielle Ford. Yes, it is about attracting the love of your life. And yes, I picked it up so that I can figure out how to attract the love of my life. Totally read it looking for results. I said RESULTS, dammit! Where the F#&* is HE!?! How the F#&* am I going to find him?!?!

I started implementing some of her “secrets”. I was serious about these results.

Among several things, I turned my home space that would welcome LOVE, thanks to some amazingly creative friends.

I treated myself to gifts that I would want someone to treat me to.

I even started talking to myself the way I would want the love of my life to talk to me. “It’s ok, you are doing a great job, Erin. You are wonderful and amazing and special” (hello, who doesn’t want to hear this from the love of their life)

And do you know what has happened since implementing these “SECRETS”?

I started to fall MADLY, DEEPLY, PASSIONATELY in LOVE ME. Exactly as I am. No strings attached.

I started to realize that every thought I think, every feeling I have, every action I take is either an act of SELF LOVE, or it’s not. “Is this thought LOVING towards me?” And if it its not, I changed it. I started to LOVE MYSELF UP so much, that settling for anything less than total ADORATION for myself started to feel crappy.

I could FEEL when I wasn’t being loving, kind or understanding (all the things I would want a LOVER to do for me.) I started judging myself less, which means I am judging others less. I started taking deep care of myself and being patient, which means I am more patient and caring with others. I am being lighter, sillier (I was pretty silly before), which allows me to be lighter and sillier with others.

As a result, I am the HAPPIEST I have been in a very very long time. Unabashedly Happy if I dare say so.


I invited my workshop students to sign a contract that they would do AT LEAST one loving thing a day for themselves.

Are YOU willing to do that?!

If you are ARE WILLING TO DO ONE LOVING THING FOR YOURSELF FOR THE NEXT 30 days, leave a comment below that you are all in.


I hope you have a blessed February. I am starting another Magical Manifesters 5 week course the Monday March 7th. If you need some clarity, focus, direction, maybe this is the ONE LOVING THING you can do for YOU!! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Love you, Love you, Love you!


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13 Responses to Deeply, Madly, Passionately

  1. amanda says:

    love this. inspirational. i’ve already employed the: “is this loving?” investigation to my thoughts. thank you.

  2. Hillary Locke says:

    I am going to STOP the self-judgement! STOP beating myself up for not betting better, skinnier, prettier, smarter, or whatever. I AM PURE LOVE! I AM LOVING! I GIVE & RECEIVE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! Thank you Erin, this is exactly what I need right now. Lots of LOVE to you! XOXO

    • Erin says:

      Beautifully said, Hillary!
      So funny because ultimately, we just want to be happy and feel good. Somewhere along the line, we formulated the belief that beating ourselves up will motivate us to change something within ourselves so that we eventually can be happy. So silly! Makes no sense.
      Be happy, loving, enough, NOW!

  3. Alison says:

    Yes I am so all in and showing this to my 16 year old daughter as well!

    • Erin says:

      Love that you are sharing with your daughter, Alison! Teenage years are tough no doubt, but a little self love at that age goes a long way!

  4. Paige says:

    Thank you for this call to action -I’m really putting myself ahead of my job for the first time in months, and it feels amazing.

    I’m committing to meditating and affirmations of self-love in the mirror every day (I’ll probably repeat the Sati series in the mirror most mornings).

    Thank you for the reminder: “Is this loving?” I’m also going to endeavor to thing “What is the most loving thought I can have, and action I can take right now?”

    Lastly – I really love your comment to Hillary
    “Somewhere along the line, we formulated the belief that beating ourselves up will motivate us to change something within ourselves so that we eventually can be happy. So silly! Makes no sense”

    Thank you!

    • Erin says:

      Way to go Paige! How is the meditating going? I find the benefits are not always noticeable right away but have great effect over time. Sending you love!


  5. Jamie says:

    Hey beautiful!

    I started something similar. It is called a gratitude journal. I am reading Ann Voskamp’s new book called One Thousand Gifts and am loving it. It’s all about living fully right where you are. My eyes are being opened to gratitude all around me (I had thought that they already were).

    Love you and miss you!

    • Erin says:

      Hi Gorgeous Woman!

      I actually have a google group for all my students and they send around daily gratitude lists. It is just as inspiring to read as it is to write!

      I also have them write down what they are EXCITED about! Paves the day and puts you in the mindset to receive.

      Thanks for reading Jamie! Miss you too:)


  6. Me too. Self-love is really important.

  7. Tabitha says:

    Thank you this wonderful message, oh how it I need to let it resinate in me!
    I am all in for the next 30 days…
    I beat myself up extremely hard every day, have for a long time now, its like I lost myself along the way & can not seem to find my way back but I keep trying too!
    I can not Thank you enough for this wonderful read but I will try!!! Thank you again!