A Daily Question To Ask Yourself

If you read THIS POST, you know I recently went back to acting class after taking a break.

We all know our greatest power is in the present moment.

We know that when we stop fretting about the future and judging our past, we move into the sweet spot of the NOW, where all the good stuff really lives.

Our creativity, our attention, our compassion, our passion and our strength all exist in the NOW.

Even our sadness—which might be happening right now—can be the good stuff when we let ourselves really feel it.

Wanna know why you feel so good after a good cry?

It’s because the truth always feels good. And when you let yourself dive into the truth of the moment, you are free from the BS barriers you build around yourself.

So back to the question from my acting teacher.

What do you need to let go of today in order to be fully present in your life?

Is it an idea you have about yourself?

Judgment about someone else that is holding you back from just being present?

Is it regret?

Is it your not “enoughness”?

For me, the answer was this:

To be fully present in my life right now, I need to let go of the idea that in order for me to be successful, happy or satisfied, I must always know what I am doing.

You see, I like to KNOW! I love to be in control. I love to have the answers. My brain loves to figure things out and solve problems. I love having a plan. And I like to know when that plan is going to come to fruition!

And there is nothing WRONG with that. BUT…

I find it’s quite easy to get so caught up in the needing to know, the control, the crazy-making, that we miss the sweet spot of the now.

We get so mired in our plans, that we MISS the very valuable nuances of the moment. We can even miss the whispers that life is trying to share with us because we’re caught up in needing to control the outcome.

The NOW is just so delicious and exciting. It has everything we could possibly need!

So for me, I am playing with letting go of the idea that I need to know.

How about you?

What do you need to let go of, in order to be fully present in your life today? I would love for you to breathe, and share it in the comments. I love hearing from you!

If you haven’t signed up yet, we are running another Say it, Sweat it, Get it FREE Challenge that starts soon! I find that MOVEMENT and EXERCISE when paired with INTENTION can be the precipitator of bringing us into the moment. (Not to mention what it does for your booty! 🙂

I hope you will join us. You can sign up RIGHT HERE.

I’ll be back next week with some exciting news! And until then, I hope you enjoy the NOW.


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