You Are Resilient

I have a few bits of good news for you today.

The first, is that we have an amazing Black Friday deal coming next week. So be sure to check your inbox on Friday.

But, now, let’s get to the good, good news.

I know that we are all dealing with so much right now. It’s hard. All of it.

Trust me when I say, I have had some down, dark moments.

But, I wanted to share the bit of good news that I have been focusing on everyday.

YOU, yes, you, you are resilient. The spirit that resides inside that beautiful body of yours will fight, wrestle, push and create a path to emerge from the darkness.

I believe this is just what the human spirit does, without much prompting.

The human spirit will find a way to express, love, create, play and connect.

I am continually amazed at what is emerging during this time.

: Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings have released not one, but two beautiful albums this summer! (That’s a lot of music for an artist in a short amount of time!) People need to create!

: I loved this positive article on dating during this time. People want connection!

: On Halloween this year, I saw families do candy hunts in the backyard and make homemade slides to roll candy down for social distanced trick or treating. People want to have fun!

These are just a few examples of how the human spirit has emerged through this difficult time. Yes, we have many limitations. (Not just at this time, but always!)

But, it’s through our limitations that our individuation is born.

Let me repeat that.

And when I say born, I remind you that labor and giving birth is often a messy and painful thing. So if you are experiencing the pangs of birthing a new self, it may not feel easy.

The very things that are making you feel frustrated and down are also the very things that could help you create a life that is more in alignment with the life you want to live.

So, this is just my love note to hang in there.

You’re doing great.

The spirit that resides within you might be wrestling with something at the moment, but give it time and space. I believe some beautiful things will emerge in our lives from this time. 


P.S. Make sure to check your inbox next Friday. We have quite literally THE BEST Black Friday deal coming your way!

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