Why This Challenge Is Good For You

Something has been bugging me for a while.

We have all gotten burned before. In different ways…

Someone unexpectedly breaks up with you, just as you thought it was going good.

You pour your heart and soul into a creative project or business masterpiece and when you put it out into the world, no one shows up.

You were ‘this’ close to getting that new job opportunity, and it suddenly fell apart.

I have even heard from some of you who have reached a ‘certain’ age that feel stung by life because you are convinced your greatest years are behind you.

Yes, we have all been disappointed, wounded and let down. (Or have even let ourselves down.) And it stings. Badly.

No doubt.

And what I am hearing is that these experiences ADD UP and one starts to lose some serious hope.

You almost wonder if there really is any point in trying again.

You hold on to fear and anger about your current situations but can’t seem to figure out how to change it.

Maybe your health or attitude isn’t where it could be, but again, you can’t put your finger on how to make the shift.

You have convinced yourself that either you can’t have what you really want or maybe you don’t want it bad enough because if you did, you would have done something already.


Even with ALL this muckity muck, I know you are STILL deeply longing for change.

You still believe, even is some quiet, small part of yourself, that despite it all, THIS is not the end. It just can’t be.

Here is what I want you to get right now: YOU ARE NOT DONE.

Let me repeat that, Erin, YOU ARE NOT DONE.

I don’t care how old you are, how much you weigh, how many dollars you have in your bank account, or how many times you have failed, YOU, my dear, are not done.

Life is still happening and in each and every moment, there is an opportunity to make something new. Brand-new-never-been-done-by-you-before, new.

Those glimmers of hope? Those late night thoughts that keep you up at night?

THAT is your sweet spirit trying to find its way to the light.

Erin jumping

And while it feels like a struggle, I want you to know that the struggle is actually a good thing. A challenge is good for you.

If you can wrap your head around this, the struggle wouldn’t exist if you didn’t have a will, a desire, and a need for MORE.

It’s telling you something. It’s talking to you. I’ll say it again: Challenge is GOOD for you!

I know what you might be thinking, ‘But Erin, I have tried to move forward through it and I just get pulled back into my old ways of being.”

Maybe you read the blogs, the books and even sign up for a few courses here and there, but something, for some reason, isn’t sticking. This is the truth of struggle.

I hear you. It’s frustrating.  It all feels like one big hustle.

I want you to know that moving forward in your life, does not need to feel like you are pushing a boulder up a hill.

It does not need to feel like you are fighting against an army every time you try to go after what you want.

And figuring out what you want, is actually easier than you think.

Before you read any further, I want you to do this:

Gently nod your head YES.
Seriously. Do it;)

Then, to yourself, I want you to whisper, “Yes. I’ve got this.”

Did you do it? It’s important.

It’s important to start telling yourself “YES, I’ve got this” many times throughout the day.

I don’t need you to be jumping up and down for joy, but you just need to keep nodding your head and sweetly saying yes.

One of my magic powers is teaching you how to keep saying yes, so that it feels good.

I can show you how to get into flow, so that there are no boulders and no armies to contend with.

And I put all that juicy superpower goodness into Magical Manifesters.

Together, we are going to work WITH LIFE, not against so that you get what you want. Dig into the truth of struggle, and you will emerge victorious on the other side.

The program essentially is me helping YOU get into flow, gain more confidence and start feeling excited about the life you are creating.

I recently got this message on Instagram :

“You have and continue to make a giant difference in my life ever since I joined Magical Manifesters last year and got going on your soul strolls. I just want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely. It’s baffling to me because I feel like I know you, but… I don’t. You are a stranger who has legitimately impacted my life for the better and I am so grateful.”

I share this with you because I want you to understand that this is NOT another online course where you feel detached from the work.

Our work together is intimate and rich.

Magical Manifesters is a co-creative process with YOU, me and Life. So you are never going to feel alone and the tools you learn will be life long magic tricks you will apply to every area of your life.

But the best part is that you are going to see things happen. You are going to start to bring into existence the things that you most want.

And it will feel glorious.
And now for your goodies…

Everyone who signs up for this round of Magical Manifesters (included all that already have signed up) will be invited to join me on a LIVE Q + A jam.

Here, you will be able to ask me anything and together, we will flesh out your ideas while creating further accountability for you.

I am giving this as a bonus (and you are still saving $100) because this is usually where people draw the most juice and inspiration from, the live connection.

And I want you to be able to squeeze the juice out of this course. Because if you don’t, what’s the point really?

If Magic is calling you, please come on over and join in. I would love to have you.

Most importantly, I want you to take away three things from today’s post:


You can sign up for Magical Manifesters here.

You have until Sunday at 7pm ET.

Waving my magic wand,


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