There is no wagon. There’s only life. (And you are living it!)

This week, a member in The Movement’s private community shared that she was recently in a car accident and while she was physically fine, she hadn’t felt like moving her body much lately.

(Which is completely understandable. We have to take time to care for ourselves after something like this happens.)

Her concern was that she had been working out regularly for the past several weeks before and felt so good about it.

With this setback, she was afraid she was falling off the wagon.

Let’s pause right there.

“I fell off the wagon”

If you have ever uttered those words to yourself: “I fell off the wagon” as it pertains to your eating, your exercising, or any other form of taking care of yourself, I am here to tell you something very important.

There is no wagon.

There is no wagon to fall off of.

And there is no wagon to get back on.

There is only life.

And you are living it, with grace and dignity. Every day.

Sometimes we do things one way. Sometimes we do things another way.

Continually Return to Yourself

Sometimes—for a myriad of reasons, big and small—we take better care of ourselves than other times.

However, when we make our self, spirit, and energy our priority, knowing we have the ability to care for all those things in a variety of ways (movement, meditation, drinking water, eating well…) we are reminded that we never need to do any of them perfectly.

We do the best we can.

With what we have.


We continually return to ourselves, with care and love. As often as we can.

And if (and when) we need a little kick-in-the-tush reminder that moving your body is one wonderful way to care for yourself, or eating vegetables daily is another way, or drinking a lot of water, getting more rest, or meditating are a few other keys to treating yourself lovingly, then you will hopefully reach out for that loving kick-in-the-tush…or you will give it to yourself.

This is your reminder that it’s all good.

You are good, honey.

There is no wagon. There is life. And you’re living it.

With love –

P.S. If you’re looking for accountability that doesn’t include any wagons, consider joining us inside The Movement. Your first week’s on me!

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