How To Feel Safe In Uncertain Times

Feeling safe and secure right now, is something we are all craving.

We want to know that we have what we need to provide for ourselves and our familes.

And, if you are like me, you also want to feel as though you are a vessel for good thoughts, feelings and ideas, even in these difficult times.

What I have learned in all my years of teaching and of course being a student of life and spirituality, is that so much of what we are craving right now, can be created in this moment.

If you are feeling low in energy but are also feeling a little high on anxiety, then I have something that can help.

This simple chair practice with movement and mantras will help you achieve a sense of safety, ease and confidence all at once.

You will be amazed at how this easy practice of gentle movement, while focusing the mind can really shift you into a state of peace.

You see, when we are feeling a lot of feelings, it can be quite hard to just sit and meditate, as good as that sounds. (Albeit, a meditation practice is amazing to have!)

Instead, when we are dealing with a lot of trauma, anxiety or overwhelm, it helps to gently move the body in order to diffuse some of that energy.

I also know that it can be a tall order to do a workout when we are feeling utterly exhausted from the emotional roller coaster we are on plus all the things we have to do at this moment. (Oh, the laundry and the cooking!)

Think of this as a very simple vinyasa practice, done in your chair.

I also want to invite you to join us inside The Movement.

It’s where I create content that you can use no matter how much or how little energy you have.

The 5-minute workouts are beloved by so many, because they are a low commitment with a high reward. Once you get going, you may find you want to do more.

The Soul Strolls are amazing for when really, all you can muster is a gentle walk. Taking the necessary precautions, head outside, put your earbuds in and get uplifted and transformed.

And then, when you have a little more energy, you can dip into the longer, more rigorous workouts.

I realize that this time of life calls for a lot of support. We are not meant to go through this alone. We need to rely on each other to help keep our minds lifted to the sky and our hearts open.

Come check out the 14-day free trial and lowest price we have ever offered for The Movement.

Wishing you lot of love and good feelings,

P.S. Here is what some of our Movers had to say:

“Sometimes I forget that I don’t have to exhaust myself and or beat my body up to get changes. This is why I love The Movement. There are things I can do no matter how I am feeling and I ALWAYS feel better afterward.” -Jane O.

“Even before this all happened, I had set a goal to consistently move every day. I love the variety of movement choices that keep me motivated and moving. It’s brilliant” -Lisa R.

“Erin, you were actually the first person who helped me delve deeper into the mind/body connection…I’m so grateful. I just feel stronger emotionally and physically because of this program” -Maya K.

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