How MAGIC Works

Every year, I pick a word. The word serves as my due north. When I get lost in the throws of busyness and hustle, this word brings me back to what I want, who I am, and most importantly how I want to feel.

This year my word is MAGIC.

From pulling rabbits out of hats to a sunset with colors beyond what any painting could reproduce, Magic comes in a variety of ways.

While these examples are wildly different, they both make you say, “How they hell did that happen? How is that even POSSIBLE? Amazing.”

When something like this occurs, you are moved to a state awe and wonder, curiosity and  interest.

In that brief moment of,  “holy cow”, you unconsciously take your hand off the wheel of life and allow what is happening to happen.

This state of allowing, my friend, is the moment that LIFE  hands you EXACTLY what you have been asking for; a new client, help with your website, or a brand spankin’ new pair of boots.

So how do you move yourself into this state on a regular basis?

Here is an active acronym to get you started.

M   ove  

A   side

G    od

I     s

C    reating


That’s right. We are asking the ego, fear, stubbornness, stinginess, and lack to MOVE aside because something bigger than ourselves would like to do their part in the co-creating process.

The God part is up to you, btw. You can fill it in with your own version. The Divine, Comsos, Allah Krishna, Life, The Uni, Higher Self.

Let’s use the sunset as an example of how MAGIC works.

You are on a swanky beach in Cabo. The sand is white, the water blue and the smell of the ocean is soothing every worry that lived in your pretty little head. It’s that beautiful time of day when the sun begins to set and the colors of the sky take your breath away.

Now imagine at that moment, some guy who thinks he can DO everything himself comes down to the beach and starts directing the sunset. “A little more pink! Now a little lower! How about a cloud sweep!”

You would think he was a nut. Why? Because we both know the Divine doesn’t need any help with this one.

She (the Divine) has it covered. Totally covered. In fact, all She really wants you to do is sit back, relax and enjoy as she gives you a psychedelic extravaganza better than any Phish show you have been to.

God is ALWAYS creating. Please, by all means, let Her. And she doesn’t just want to produce sunsets for you, she wants to create screenplays, and soul mate relationships, and ways to help you love your body.

So, what’s YOUR part in all of this MAGIC business?

Think about it like this. How did you SEE that beautiful sunset in the first place? Oh yeah, you bought the ticket to Mexico, you made the plans, and you put on your cute little flips flops that fine day and walked your booty down to the beach. 

Then, She met you with that gorgeous sky.

That, my friend, is EXACTLY your part. Buy the ticket. Get yourself there. Show up to the page. Go out on a date. Get yourself to the gym. Put on your gosh darn flip-flops and walk out your door.

Then please, with all due respect, MOVE ASIDE, so that the MAGIC can happen. She is ready and waiting to her show off her mad skillz.

In the comment section below, tell if you have experienced MAGIC recently by moving aside or tell me what YOUR word is this year.

Bippity boppity boo!
Xo Erin

P.S. The next round of Magical Manifesters will be starting Sept. 23rd, 2013. Get yo’self ready!

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