how i made 5 figures in 3 weeks

Today’s video is coming to you straight from sunny Ft. Lauderdale. I took a much needed spring break in the sun.

I wondered whether or not I should share this information with you, because, well, in all honesty, I was taught never to talk about the money you make or the dollars you spend.

However, in the name of March Money Madness, I decided it’s important to blow open the conversation around money and share how I brought in a cool 5 figures in less than 3 weeks.

We are so willing to share the stories of our awful dates on Facebook, participate in parades that express our sexuality and even give a review of our latest colonic, but we are still very afraid to talk about our money.

The more we address it, ie what is coming in, what is going out, what do we have to do to get the money we want, who do we have to be and what, if anything do we need to sacrifice to have it, the better chance we are of overcoming all the B.S. that swirls around our dollars.

Here is a little preview:

at 2:03, I share my biggest personal challenge + why I wanted to bail on my project.
at 3:00, I give the ONE non-negotiable agreement that will make the difference between success + failure.
at 4:13,  I drop 3 tips you can follow to get in the flow of Mo Money.

You will also see me perform an award-winning dive. (By award-winning, I mean that my mom thought it was really good.)

In the comments, I would love for you to tell me specifically what is 1 non-negotiable you have when it comes to making money. What is the 1 thing you WILL or WILL NOT do, in order to bring home the soy bacon.

As always, thanks for making space for me in your inbox. I know you are busy rockin’ and rollin’ over there. I love nothing more than being able to make music with you.


P.S. Magical Manifesters begins in less than 3 weeks. What the heck are you waiting for?


Here is what a few folks had to say:

“Before this program, I had dreams that I realized were dreams (though I wasn’t doing much to achieve them) and dreams that I had suppressed, ignored, or told myself weren’t possible. Now I see that the dreams I thought were silly before aren’t silly, and they are completely within my grasp; furthermore, only I can make them happen.” -B.L.K -NYC

“I feel like I’ve always had the desire to do great things with my life but often spin my wheels lacking focus and direction. MM not only equipped me with applicable tools that I can use to go out and create the life I desire for myself, but It’s also put me into a wonderfully supportive community.” R.B. -NYC

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