Want More Joy? Do This.

The other week, I was shooting a dance workout for The Movement. 

I hadn’t filmed a dance workout in a while and in the middle of it, I literally was in my head thinking, “WOW! This is so much fun! I am having a blast! I need to do more of these! Why don’t I dance every darn day!?”

I totally caught myself in a moment of pure joy. 

And, as a result, I totally messed up the routine and missed the next move!


But, I kept going, and in the video I actually shared what happened in my mind. And I didn’t edit this mistake out. 

I did this for three important reasons.

  1. It’s so important that we change our mentality around exercise in general. It doesn’t have to be grueling, hard or boring. It can be really fun, playful, silly and have mistakes.
  2. Let’s keep more things REAL.  I don’t want to model the idea that mistakes are a bad thing.  They are often the best part of any journey.
  3. We should never edit our joy. We should let others see it and feel it and hopefully experience their own. 

This last one is probably most important. 

This idea of finding, feeling and experiencing joy can be illusive. We are not in a state of it all day, every day. 

I’m talking about that bubbling up sensation that makes you feel like a bottle of Champagne about to burst. (At least, that’s what it feels like for me.)

In order to experience true joy, we have to cultivate it. We have to make time for it

In the hustle, bustle of our lives, this can be really hard. What helps, is if we can make a small list of the things that bring us joy, and then make time for them.

Right now in my life, these are the simple things that bring me the most joy:

: Dancing. (Obviously.)
: Having special adventures with my daughter. (Sesame St. Live last weekend was awesome!)
: Knowing I’m going to have time alone with my husband, whether it is for a date or even just to stay in to watch a movie.
: Spending quality time with my best girlfriends.
: And for whatever reason, getting on an airplane with my little family. Maybe because it means we are off for an adventure, but a sense of joy bubbles up when I look over at my husband and my daughter as the plane takes off. 

I want to mention that all of these things aren’t always convenient. I don’t just mean getting on an airplane.

Each of them are often met with their own resistance. Scheduling time for them means that I am not doing some of the other daily things that need to get done. 

My guess, is that you also experience resistance around doing the things that bring you JOY. (I’ll talk more on that later.)

For now, I want you to remember:

We have to actively seek it. And release resistance when we are met with it. 

Your action for today is to make a short list of things that bring you joy.

They can be really simple things. Think about that bubbling up feeling that makes you feel alive and connected.

Keep the list with you and then, make sure to schedule some time for it. And soon!

And if you want to try the new Dance Workout in The Movement, you can do so over here. We have a free 7-day trial, so you are welcome to give it a go for no cost!

Here’s to your joy!!


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