3 Reasons You Struggle With Weight Loss

As you may have seen on Instagram, I have spent the last several weeks in Los Angeles shooting a new weight loss/transformation TV show.

I simply can’t wait to share all the details, air dates and more with you in the coming weeks! At the moment, I’m enjoying a little downtime before I head back for more shooting.

Working on this show has given me some space to think more about weight loss.

Of course I recognize that education on diet and exercise are important, but now I really feel that understanding the LAYERS of WHY we choose to eat what we eat, how we eat, and how we move (or don’t move) provides even MORE insight into why some of us struggle with our weight.

As I really got to know some of the beautiful participants on the show, who are working so hard to create transformation in their lives on so many levels, I was struck by many of the common beliefs we have about ourselves that prevent us from truly making a change of any kind in our lives.

These beliefs are emotional, they are complex and they are multi-layered.

The good news is, there are some simple solutions to these complex issues.

I want to introduce you to my friend Heather Jones, who is a registered dietitian, a wellness coach and helps women who struggle with the very pieces of the puzzle that I mention above.

She has a theory about WHY you might still be struggling with your weight, despite all you already know about diet and exercise.

Specializing in weight management and behavior change therapy, Heather has spent the last 20 years assisting people who struggle with diet and food issues, and her loving approach is a game-changer in the world of weight loss.

Here are 3 possible reasons why, 3 keys to weight loss:

1) You’re not doing the inner work

The most common weight loss mistake is trying to lose weight by ONLY changing what you eat. Don’t get me wrong, changing what (and how) you eat is a crucial part of weight loss and healthy living, but you also you need to change how you think.

You need to deal with the voice (the hurtful and critical and annoying voice) inside your head.

The voice that constantly criticizes, compares, and judges yourself and others.

The voice that incessantly chews over the past and frantically frets about the future.

The voice that tells you you’re not good enough, not smart enough, or not strong enough to succeed.

It’s the voice that keeps you locked in patterns of anxiety and fear. And it’s the voice that sends you running to the kitchen even when you’re not hungry.

Changing your diet without also changing your mind is a huge (HUGE) weight loss mistake. If you want to slim down, improve your health, and live a happier and Bigger Life, you need to understand WHY you overeat to begin with. Ya gotta do the mental work first.

2) You’re not on the same team with your body

Remember when you were a young kid and you instinctively knew when and how much to eat? It is 100% possible for you to find that kind of freedom with food again.

Your (perfect and beautifully designed!) body instinctively knows exactly what it needs to thrive and naturally reach its ideal weight—you just have listen to it.

And here’s the really, really good news: We are ALL Intuitive Eaters by nature (yes, even YOU). Eating is a survival mechanism, and you and me (and everyone else on the planet) are born with all the innate wisdom we need to fuel ourselves efficiently and effectively.

You CAN free yourself from the food anxiety that runs rampant in our diet-obsessed society and lose weight with ease.  

3) You don’t have positive mentors and support

The people that we choose to let into our lives are one of the biggest factors that influence not just our success, but also our happiness.

You need to actively seek to surround yourself with the right people who can truly contribute to your happiness and success.  And you need to seek out mentors who inspire you and can show you the way by keeping you engaged AND focused.

Starting August 1, Heather is offering a completely FREE 3-week Summer Session. She’ll show you a kinder, easier, and much better way to create lasting weight loss and wellness in your life.

If you struggle with emotional eating, overeating and body image issues, during the Summer Session you’ll learn…

* The hidden reasons you’re still struggling with weight or food and the one thing all women need to succeed

* The fastest way to end procrastination and stop sabotaging your success

* Four little known ways to restore your metabolism, stop emotional eating, and get on the same team with your body

* The exact three steps you need to take to break through the self-imposed barriers that are stopping you from reaching your wellness goals

Heather is dedicated to helping people succeed and she will help you transform your mindset about dieting to achieve weight loss freedom … no guilt, shame or self-hate required!

I hope you will join her in this FREE one-time only session.

You can sign up RIGHT HERE.

I know you will gain valuable insight that will touch on many of the things that our diet and fitness industry often ignore, but are yet so very important.


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