The Say It, Sweat It, Get It Challenge is a free weeklong event. Participants will get a 5-minute workout video emailed to them each day, as well as daily inspiration and motivation through our Challenge Facebook group.

After our free Challenge ends, we’ll open up the cart for the Shrink Session program.

Q: What is Shrink Session?
A: Movement + mantras that elevate your WHOLE LIFE!

Shrink Session is a combination of physical movement and mental mindshift that changes lives. These are interactive, life-elevating workouts ranging from 5-40 minutes, plus guided meditations and accountability in an active, supportive social community.

Value Proposition

Each Shrink Session workout is a mix of cardio-dance, yoga, and kickboxing that makes double use of the time you dedicate to working out. The movements elevate your heart rate and tone your body while the mantras (positive affirmations) elevate your thinking.

Two well-researched principles from neuroscience help you develop a healthy relationship to fitness and tap fully into your power to create a body and life you love.

Rewiring through repetition: Repeating mantras has been shown to create new pathways in the brain, essentially wiping out old negative beliefs by overwriting them with new uplifting statements.

Positive Association: We are drawn to repeat things that are pleasurable. That’s why your workouts are set to upbeat music, include only encouragement and acceptance, and always acknowledge you for the effort you bring to your workout.
Erin uses a powerful 4-step process to tone your body and expand your mind:

Intention: defining what you’re ready to call into your life

Belief: letting go of old beliefs that no longer serve you, and welcoming new ones

Inspired Action: taking steps toward your intention with confidence

Allowing: receiving all the goodness of the life you want

Program Details

10 five-minute workouts
3 twenty-minute workouts
4 forty-minute workouts
4 Slow Jam breakdowns of the choreography
4 grounding meditations

That’s 21 Workouts in total


3 workout calendars
Downloadable workbook and mantra cards
Private, members-only Facebook group


  1. New November Calendar
    Brand new follow-up program that provides accountability, guidance and support for the first 30 days of the Shrink Session program. We’ll start in November, helping new members to navigate the holiday season with easy to follow workouts, recipes, meditations and perspective shifts that will keep them vibrant during this otherwise busy time.
  2. Cooking Videos and Weekly Recipes
    To complement the New November Calendar, new members will also get weekly recipes and cooking videos featuring holistic health coach Heather Pierce Giannone, to jump start a new healthy eating routine.
  3. The Living Room Sessions
    8 brand new flowing and vibrant 5-minute movement videos. These low-impact, gentle yet invigorating movement videos are perfect for targeting an emotional challenge you might be facing, to lift your spirits, or for moments when you really need your own adult time out. They feature a variety of types of movement, from stretching, to ballet barre, to relaxing, sleepy time stretching.

Shrink Session Program Pricing

Shrink Session Digital: regular price $169
Special Challenge Price – $129

Shrink Session Supreme (DVD + Digital Download): regular price $199
Special Challenge Price – $169

This special pricing ALSO includes all the Challenge bonuses, which will not be offered at any other time!

Affiliates earn 50% commission for every sale of the Digital program and 45% on every sale of the Supreme program (due to DVD shipping and admin costs).

Audience & Positioning

Shrink Session is perfect for:

People who want to lose weight with exercise that’s uplifting. This is not a workout program that punishes you with drills; in fact, it’s just the opposite! Anyone who works out with Erin feels uplifted and inspired–even a little sparkly–when the work is done.

Anyone looking for a boost of confidence and a positive self-image. People who are in the midst of making big changes in their lives, or who have been struggling to get control over their weight find new inspiration with Shrink Session and experience true transformation, both mentally and physically.

People who think they have tried everything but are still stuck. Mixing mantras with movement has been known to change Shrinkers’ lives! The unique combination of sweating + positive affirmations can be the push people need to move forward and manifest the life they want.