Shrink Session

With unique workout sessions, meditations and coaching, you will be toning and tightening your entire body while stepping into greater self-confidence, more self-love and more success!

Soul Stroll V1

Vol 1: I am A Magnet For Success if the first of our energizing soundtracks with music and mantras that will shift your thinking quickly! This Soul Stroll comes with a workout, meditation and more to get and KEEP you on your path.

Soul Stroll V2

TUNE IN to your own intuition and power every single day with our second Soul Stroll package. This inspiring soundtrack with music and mantras will shift you into peace and calm while energizing you. It comes with a workout, meditation and more to help you connect to your inner power.

Soul Stroll Single

The Soul Stroll Single is an energizing 30-minute soundtrack of originally selected music and and never-before-heard mantras that are designed to help you TAKE ACTION and MOVE FORWARD in any area that is holding you back.

Cardio Dance

Maximize calorie burn with Erin’s creative choreography that keeps your heart rate up throughout. There is no equipment needed for this single session, so just focus on your dance moves and have fun! (Intermediate/Advanced)