The Movement

with Erin Stutland

is the wellness experience that helps strengthen your mind, body and soul…anywhere, at any time.

Through a signature combination of uplifting workouts that both inspire and transform, energizing audio soundtracks with powerful mantras, and grounding meditations, The Movement membership gives you an ever-growing library of practical tools at your fingertips to design the life and body you want…and find unparalleled joy in the process.

At home or on the go, The Movement’s daily programs will strengthen your body AND awaken your mind in as little as 5 minutes — no matter who you are or where you are.

After today, two things will never be the same:



Sweating can be fun. A long, lean body is never a bad side effect. But true wellness starts with self-love, respect, and worthiness.

Joining the Movement

gives you immediate access to the workouts, tools, and community that will holistically shift your body and your mind as you begin to live your life with more:


    Strengthen, tone, and sculpt your body to elevate your muscles right alongside your mindset.


    Feel the energetic, emotionally-high vibes long after you’ve raised your heart rate through on-demand cardio, cardio dance, and HIIT workouts.

  • EASE

    Experience greater ease and self-acceptance through stretching, yoga, and restorative workouts and meditations.

The life and body you want is closer than you might thinkand the journey to get there can be fun!

Give me energy, elevation, and ease!

What you need: The willingness to show up exactly as you are — even if it’s for 5 minutes. Solid ground — and sneakers or bare feet to plant yourself on it. An open mind — and a readiness to allow the life-shifting changes you’ll undoubtedly welcome in.

As a member of The Movement, you’ll have unlimited access to all current and future programs on your favorite device…including my signature:


Never get bored with your workout again. Choose from a library of 5, 10, 15, 20, and 45-minute workouts, many of which combine movement with mantras to make double use of the time you dedicate to working out.

Transform your walk, run, bike ride, or weight lifting routine into a fun jam session with energizing music soundtracks and uplifting mantras. (Also great for commutes, doing the dishes, or when you just need to chill!)

Tune into your breath to become more present, release stress from the day, and improve your sleep. The meditations within The Movement will help ground you in the present while enabling you to visualize your bright future.

Short videos and exercises to help you get out of your own head, gain clarity, and transform old fears and beliefs.

Daily direction and done-for-you plans that eliminate the “where do I begin?” factor and get you moving your body — and shifting your mindset — before you can think twice.

No brainer, no-thinking-required recipes that support healthy eating and your desire to spend less time cooking and more time living.

Built-in accountability from the community of people who are on the same path as you towards being happy and whole.

Hear it from women who’ve grown to own the fact that they’re happy, healthy, wealthy, and loved

“The way Erin combines movement with positive affirmations has the unique ability to rewire your brain, reset your mood, boost your energy, and get your creative mojo flowing.”

– Kris Carr, NY Times best selling author

“Someone should warn you, Erin doesn’t just help you transform your body. She’ll help you transform your life! Shrink session is a full body and spirit makeover. Change has never felt so good!”

– Jessica Ortner, NY Times best selling author

“Erin has an amazing ability to make a grueling workout fun so you feel your outlook lifting right along with your ass. EVERYTHING is improved!”

– Nicola Wheir, Author

“I cannot stress enough how amazing Erin’s programs are. There’s something for every mood, every feeling, every energy level. I am so grateful for the work Erin does.”

– Jennifer F.

“What I love about it your program is the holistic approach of it. The workout starts juicy and it ends juicy! The affirmations keep me going when I normally would give up. I love that it has kickboxing AND yoga AND HIIT AND strength training AND dance AND meditation all in one. I love that there are so many options for amounts of time cuz some days ain’t no way I’m doing 45 mins!”

– Amber H.

The Soul Strolls take me out of my head and into my body. As soon as I hear the music and then the mantras, I feel better and more energized.  The mantras combined with free movement are very effective.  Since I can do the Strolls anywhere with any movement I want – it removes the stress of having to go to a gym or being somewhere at a particular time for a class.”

– Cathy Wolfe

Each new day brings the opportunity to tone your body and train your mind — and feel your energy and enthusiasm for your life, your family and yourself rise.

Your own personal movement starts here…

Join The Movement:

7 day free trial

$14.99 USD
billed monthly thereafter


Join The Movement:

7 day free trial

$149.99 USD
billed monthly thereafter



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More than 10 years ago, in a tiny studio in NYC amongst close friends, I experimented with the concept of movement, dance, mantra, mindfulness and HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts, all rolled into one. We did a ton of creative goal setting, too.

The changes I began to see in myself and my students amazed me. From a dramatic increase in happiness and satisfaction to a significant decrease in self-doubt and anxiety — and a more powerful body (bonus!) — we were hooked.

I’ve now been fortunate to bring this unique blend of fitness and mindfulness to people like you in more than 135 countries around the world through my personal brand and programs, as the best-selling author of Mantras in Motion, and as the award-winning cohost of Z Living’s Altar’d.

It’s not about a moment; it’s a movement. In fact, I believe it’s the future of wellness.

And you, my friend, play an important role. You might think your personal or physical goal is out of reach — but through the power of mindful movement, you’ll learn that no dream is too big when you strengthen and trust the power of your body, mind, and soul.

The best person to help you design the body and life you want is YOU. But here in The Movement, I’ll not only show you how…I’ll be right behind you, empowering you to make it happen.

“If you want movement in your life, you need movement in your body. Well, couple that with Erin’s teachings and you will literally become unstoppable.”