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Just Do It

It’s raining in here in NYC and I’m tired and I haven’t been sleeping well at all.  Maybe it’s the super moon and the changing of the tides.  Who knows, but all I can think is Waaaaaah, I don’t feel like doing anything!!

Last week I talked about PARTYING W/ YOUR FEAR. Feel the feeling AND keep on truckin’. The comment section in the blog BLEW up, people were committed, excited and ready to rock n’ roll.

I committed to staying in touch with YOU, check in and make sure you were takin’ some action around the things that scared you.

But today, as I sit in my fav café in the West Village, all I could think, was, “Ucch, I don’t feel like writing a blog post! I don’t feel like checking in, being clever, or being honest. I just don’t feeeeel like it.”

(What are some of your excuses? Check out the comments!)

While I don’t feel like it, I promised you and myself I would do it. I committed to checking in.

Do you know where I am going with this?

What happens when we commit to doing something and then we DON’T do it? There is a little tiny part of you, even if it’s just a few cells in your big toe that gets disappointed and bummed out. There is a little piece of you that says, “Damn girlfriend, you said you were going to write and you didn’t. Where else you gonna let me down?”

And while I don’t promote this negative self-talk, it just happens.  It happens, because your soul, your spirit, KNOWS you can do better. KNOWS that you are WONDERFUL, CREATIVE and CAPABLE!

Your SOUL IS ROOTING for YOU and WANTS YOU to succeed and DO GREAT THINGS. Truly. When you don’t follow through you are like that little child who’s dad promised he would be tuck her in at night but he stayed late at office. Then she wonders if she can count on him for bigger things.

When you don’t follow through, YOU begins to wonder if YOU can count on YOU for bigger things. But the truth is, YOU can. It’s possible. Because you can. Because you are that good. Because you are that brilliant. Because you are that spectacular.

As Gandhi once said, “Just Do It.”

Wait. That wasn’t Gandhi.

But still.

Take the action you said you were going to take. Write the blog you said you were going to write. Call your mom if you told her you would. Make the homemade chili you promised you would make. Seriously friend, Just Do It.

Your soul will thank you.

TODAY in the comment section of the blog, I invite you to LIST ALL THE EXCUSES for WHY YOU DON’T WANT TO TAKE the actions you said you would take. Just a quick brain dump. Clear ‘em out. Then we can have a little EXCUSE party, celebrate and THEN JUST DO IT!

I love you and so does your SOUL!



Step Into The Fear

Just got back from an AH-mazing retreat in sunny Santa Monica, with Marie Forleo and a group of talented, a** kicking women who are doing/creating some of the sickest LIFE CHANGING things I have ever seen.

I left L.A. feeling on fire!

I had a BAZILLION ideas of things I want to create. (I know it’s not a real number, but I had A LOT of ideas!) BRAINSTORMING, DREAMING. COMING UP with ideas is so much FUN! It feeeels so good. I live for it. It’s yummy, creative, in the moment.

However, as I traveled 3,000 miles back to NY, I had a strange sinking feeling in my stomach. I will be seeing these women several more times throughout the year, so um, HOLY CRAP, I actually have to DO these things.

So now, while I’m watching my Jet Blue direct TV, I’m saying to myself, “What in the HELL were you thinking, Stutland!?”

I suddenly felt paralyzed by A SH*# TON OF FEAR!! FEAR in a major way. I found myself doubting and questioning every thought I had.

How will I pull this off?
Who am I to dream up something big, seriously, who?!
Maybe I am not smart enough, talented enough, courageous enough, good enough.What will people think if they even CARE at all!?!?
What if I FAIL, with a big fat F!!? (this is a HUGE one)

(do any of these sound familiar to you, btw? Yeah, welcome to being HUMAN!)

In L.A. I was EXPANDING, and now, every part of me wanted to contract, retreat, take back what I said, GO HOME.

However, I know PLAYING SMALL is NOT an OPTION! It’s just NOT an OPTION. And I know many of you feel the exact same way!


Well, instead of retreating from the fear, I started to step into IT and FEEEEEL’ IT. Rock out with it! Roll around in it! NO FIXING, CHANGING, or MANIPULATING it, but just JAMMING OUT with the feeling WHILE ALSO MOVING forward AND doing what I said I am going to do.

As actor and creator of Committed Impulse, Josh Pais says, “PARTY WITH YOUR FEAR!” That’s what I’m doin’ and WE are going to have a good ole’ time.

Once I started doing this, the FEAR turned into PURE excitement. Then FEAR, then EXCITEMENT, back to FEAR and around and about to EXCITEMENT!! Woo-hoo! Sounds like a party to me! (Guess what? I’m still here.)

Is there SOMETHING YOU HAVE BEEN AFRAID TO DO!? Perhaps you have been telling yourself the story, I am not good enough, I don’t deserve that, I couldn’t possibly do X, Y, Z.

Now is the time EFF THAT! Now is the time to step into, feel it, PAR-TAY with it, and take some mother ‘effin action!


TELL ME what you are committed to doing this month that scares the BAJESUS outta ya!? Accountability is king!

Leave a comment on the blog! (HINT: The first SCARY thing you can do is TELL ME THE BIG SCARY THING YOU ARE GOING TO DO, cause I know you are thinkin’, WHAT WILL PEOPLE THINK OF MY BIG SCARY THING?!?!)


I just committed to performing a scene night through my acting studio. (I love the intimacy of working on camera, so doing live theater is super scary, cause I haven’t done it in like 3 years!)


I am going to check in with you each week to make sure you are keepin’ your word.