1:1 Coaching

My business began in 1:1 coaching.

I loved getting to work with people intimately in order to figure out what was blocking them from having the life, business, love life or career they wanted and making sure they got it!

(You can read about some of the work I did with clients here.)

As my business evolved, I stepped away from 1:1 so that I could throw myself fully into creating online products and programs that could serve a greater whole.

It is with great excitement that I return to 1:1 along with a deeper understanding of what it TRULY takes to run a thriving conscious business from both a strategic and emotional perspective.

If you are looking to expand your business, feeling unsure about which streams of revenue are most valuable or need help growing a team (even a small one person team) I can help.

If you are not running a business but need help clarifying your dreams, you have been feeling stuck and are ready to MOVE forward, I can help.

I want you to gain clarity and have a plan of action to move you towards what you want, quickly.

More details on packaging and pricing are coming to this page soon, but if you are anxious to be the first to get more info, please drop me a line at info@erinstutland.com.

Look forward to hearing from you!