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“Erin’s powerful work has inspired countless people to step into their strength and manifest their greatness. She’s a spiritual alchemist who can help you embrace your true power and purpose––body, mind and spirit.”

—Kris Carr, New York Times bestselling author, cancer thriver and wellness activist
  • Learn to plant uplifting mantras in your mind so that there is no room for negative thoughts to exist
  • Discover how to get out of your head and get more connected to your body
  • Learn how to manifest what you want from a place of power
  • Perfect techniques that help you stay in the present moment and out of negativity, doubt, and fear
  • Take inspired action towards your desires with ease
  • Use movement and mantras to become a manifesting magnet as you align every thought, belief and feeling with what you want


Magical Manifesters Video Workshop ($149 Value)


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Instant Access to the Audiobook ($16 Value)

The Magical Manifesters online video workshop with Erin, along with an inspiring guided meditation are completely FREE when you pre-order Mantras In Motion. You get lifetime access to this transformational content!

Get the Audiobook of Mantras in Motion for immediate download for FREE if you pre-order by Jan 8, and start listening (and changing your life) today!

  • How to get crystal clear on what you want right now
  • A movement and mantras sequence that you can do from your chair to help you rev up your manifesting power
  • How to stop procrastinating and move into inspired action with ease and flow
  • A powerful practice to help you both accept where you are now while being ready to attract more

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What People Are Saying About the Magical Manifesters Workshop

It's like pushing a re-fresh button to allow your desires to sharpen into focus.

I LOVED the Magical Manifesters workshop. It really helped me get some clarity on my desires and start an action plan. I liked how you had us pause the workshop and write out our desires there and then! No putting off getting this done. Loved the Belief meditation as well!

The workshop is a way to gain clarity on your innermost intentions… like pushing a re-fresh button to allow your desires to sharpen into focus, and to see the blocks we put up to obtaining these desires.

- Laura
It's the exact push I needed when I was feeling stuck.

I was glad there were exercises to put these concepts into action now. And I’m already taking action – I stopped my analysis paralysis on figuring out which laptop to buy for my creative writing. I bought it, set it up and started updating the outline for the novel I’ve had on the shelf for the past 11 years! I made an important decision about our house that I’d kept putting off. And I even signed up for a membership at the new fitness center near me. Magical Manifesters offers a powerful yet simple tool that inspires you to pinpoint your true desires and provides actionable steps to attain them. It’s the exact push I needed when I was feeling stuck.

- Becky


About Mantras in Motion

  • Get step-by-step guidance on how to let go of limiting beliefs and negative patterns
  • Hear Erin’s humorous and inspiring manifesting stories that will make you rethink your own power
  • Get access to Erin’s favorite empowering music playlist
  • Discover the ONE thing you want to create in 2019 and then maximize your manifesting power to put it into motion immediately


About the Audiobook

  • Narrated by Erin, hear her words in her own voice
  • Unabridged version of the full Mantras in Motion book, 6 and ½ hours of listening and transformation
  • Available NOW for immediate download


I’m feeling so inspired

Thank you so much for the audiobook gift! Hearing the book in your inflection makes it ALIVE. I’m overcome with elation and gratitude. I’m now feeling like I can get specific around my desires, manifesting what I need and want. And I’m feeling so inspired. Thank you!

- Zoe
What a gift you’ve given! Now I can do anything! You’ve changed my brain!

Mantras In Motion already has a success story! I cleaned my spare room that had become a landing place for all the stuff I didn’t want to deal with. I’ve avoided cleaning it for 3+ years. Yesterday I practiced tools I learned in the book: getting in the flow, staying in the present moment, and taking gentle, inspired action. I threw away an entire trash bin of stuff I no longer need. I also have items to donate, and to share with friends. Most productive day I’ve had in a VERY long while. What a gift you’ve given! Now I can do anything! You’ve changed my brain!

- Dana
Let good things come to you easily with a Magical Manifesters bonus workshop and Mantras in Motion.
Audiobook only available if you pre-order by Jan 8.

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Erin Stutland is a renowned mind-body wellness and fitness expert. She is the host and lifestyle coach of Z Living’s cable series, Altar’d. Nominated for a Real Screen award alongside Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, the show recently completed its second season.

She has built a multi-platform brand that reaches over 70,000 people in 155 countries around the world.

Stutland is the creator of several mind-body fitness programs including her signature Shrink Session workout and Soul Strolls and has appeared on The Rachael Ray Show,, Fox News, Glamour Magazine and more.

Erin is passionate about teaching you how simple movement in your body can create dramatic movement in your life.

She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband Lance and daughter, Kwynn.