Unshakable Confidence in 4 Easy Steps

Your most brilliant plan, your secret desire, even a simple thing you want…hold one of those things in your thoughts for a moment.

Let the excitement glide in. Let your imagination take over so that – just for this brief minute – you can feel the joy you’re going to create. Got it?

Now hold that feeling. Listen to the thoughts that crop up.

Was any darkness attracted to your light? Did Fear come creeping around in any of its lackluster disguises: doubt, uncertainty, feelings of unworthiness or incapability?

A healthy, logical dose of fear can spur us to check our facts, sharpen our skills and dial in our plans. But all too often fear gets power hungry and wants to run the show.

The surefire way to keep your Higher Self leading the way is to STAY FOCUSED on your desire.

Acknowledge fear. Appreciate it for protecting you. Then give it the order to stand down while you stay focused on your desire.

You are LIGHT. You are here to SHINE. You do that by keeping your focus.

Here’s a video for you with my secret for staying focused. Just like we do in the Shrink Session program, we’ll combine movement with mantras so that we’re not only SAYING words, but bringing their meaning into our physical body.

Use this simple combination of four movements and mantras to get fear off your back when it starts jamming your frequency with fearful thoughts!

Remember FEELING is the key, so say the words and welcome in the sensations. Here is the mantra:

I am calm and in control. (Feel grounded, like things are EASY peasy for you.)
I am focused on success (As you extend your arm feel your vision heading out into the world.)
I am a miracle magnet (Feel yourself drawing it in.)
I attract the very best (Feel the swirl of energy. It’s blowing the winds of change toward you!)

Try this exercise and let me know your experience. Do you have a different trick for staying focused on your desires even when challenges arise? Share it so we can all give it a try.

Experience more of the power movement and mantras have to pull your desires closer by joining the Shrink Session community. Use your workouts to create a body and life you love.


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