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The Soul Strolls are upbeat, energizing music soundtracks with mantras, motivation and exhilarating encouragement from pro life coach and fitness expert, Erin Stutland.

It is inspiration on-the-go.
Any time. Anywhere.

Turn a tough day around as you walk, run, bike, or dance along with these unique, one-on-one, INSTANT downloadable coaching experiences. Quickly get you out of your head and into a more empowered, centered place!

Attract success into your life, right now, right here. Become available for more than you have ever had before!

Learn how to tune in and receive all the guidance and support that you could ever need.

End procrastination and get inspired to move into action. Discover how to ask for what you want, while believing you can have it!


Aside from the incredible high you will feel from strolling, here are a few special free gifts that will up your manifesting game and bring peace and calm into your life.


Calm + relax the mind and body with this simple visualization meditation. Perfect to help you fall asleep.



Clear out unwanted, negative, heavy energy with this elevating 20-minute workout.


Learn my 4-step process to manifesting whatever you want in this 45-minute coaching workshop.


For the first 100 people who purchase!

Get a hard copy version of Erin’s best-selling book, Mantras In Motion: Manifesting What You Want Through Mindful Movement. 

(Hard copy for US + Canada residents only. E-book for international customers.)

Hear it from people who have grown to love themselves as much as they love to stroll!

I did Soul Stroll one and two yesterday, and volume two again today. I’m amazed!! I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve loved the concept of your work for so long, but have never used it. I was blown away by how powerful the Soul Strolls were! I want more! They’re so energizing and beautiful.  Thank you so much for this wonderful work!

— Molly

I find the soul strolls are the only exercise I can “make” myself do even when I’m dead tired. I really love them because I can tell myself “just go outside and take a few steps, even if you only take a few steps, it’s fine when you’re this tired.” But as soon as I hear the music and then the mantras, I feel better and more energized. After about 5 minutes I’m dancing, after 10 minutes I’m dancing with some energy and before I know it I’ve completed the whole audio

— Cathy

OMG that Soul Stroll!! don’t get me wrong I love the workouts but I think those soulstrolls are a stroke of genius!! Something about moving your body along to the mantras, outside, is amazing! The first time I listen to them I often get some kind of insight that magically spurs from inside of me.

— Lucia

I love the soul strolls! I feel like there has been some dramatic changes in me since I’ve started listening to them. They have a way of energizing and motivating me like nothing else.

— Des

I’m so incredibly grateful to Erin and the Soul Stroll team. This is more than just a walking meditation, this is so empowering and it brings anyone listening to a high, positive place where all good things are attracted to one. Erin has made a huge positive contribution to humanity and this planet and it continues to spread and create all kinds of great things from her work.

— Melissa

My biggest AHA moment was when I felt how much my mood and my energy level increased by just spending a half hour doing my soul stroll each day. Life definitely perked up for me, I was much more optimistic and mentally prepared to take on the health challenges I still had left to deal with.

— Tara

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Hey, there… Erin here

More than 10 years ago, in a tiny studio in NYC amongst close friends, I experimented with the concept of movement, dance, mantras and mindfulness  workouts, all rolled into one. We did a ton of creative goal setting, too.

The changes I began to see in myself and my students amazed me. From a dramatic increase in happiness and satisfaction to a significant decrease in self-doubt and anxiety — and a more powerful body (bonus!) — we were hooked.

I’ve now been fortunate to bring this unique blend of fitness and mindfulness to people like you in more than 135 countries around the world through my personal brand and programs, as the best-selling author of Mantras in Motion, and as the award-winning cohost of Z Living’s Altar’d.

It’s not about a moment; it’s a movement. In fact, I believe it’s the future of wellness.

And you, my friend, play an important role.

You might think your personal or physical goal is out of reach — but through the power of mindful movement, you’ll learn that no dream is too big when you strengthen and trust the power of your body, mind, and soul.

The best person to help you design the body and life you want is YOU. But here, I’ll not only show you how…I’ll be right behind you, empowering you to make it happen.

“If you want movement in your life, you need movement in your body. Well, couple that with Erin’s teachings and you will literally become unstoppable.”

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