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Soul Stroll Single
Need some tech help? We've gotcha. :)
Q: I'm having trouble downloading my Soul Stroll. What can I do?

1. Check which browser you're using. We recommend Chrome, Firefox or Safari (not Internet Explorer).

2. The best way to do this is to download the Soul Stroll file to your computer first, then sync to your other devices.

3. Our download directions below will walk you through downloading step-by-step.

4. Still having trouble? Email us at and we'd be happy to help!


Q: What if I just want to stream my Soul Stroll?

You can do that too! Just click on the streaming link in the email we sent you when you purchased your Soul Stroll.

Other questions? Email us at :)


Download instructions:

We recommend you download the Soul Stroll Single mp3 file to your computer, then sync it to your phone or other devices.

1. Download the file.

2. Save the file to your desktop.

3. Drag the file into iTunes (or whatever music manager you use).

4. Create a new playlist called Soul Stroll Single and add the file to it.

5. Sync your phone or other device with iTunes; make sure you include your new playlist to be synced.


Alternatively, you can use Dropbox. It’s free and so easy to use (even if you think you are not tech savvy!)

1. Download the file to your computer.

2. Log into your Dropbox account (or create a new one) and create a new file called Soul Stroll Single.

3. Drag and drop or upload the mp3 file into your new file.

4. To get it on your other devices, download the Dropbox app and log into your account. You’ll see the Soul Stroll folder you just created.  

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