Feel Forward Fast

The phrase “fail forward fast” is a powerful reminder that we’re better off getting over our need for perfection and keeping the momentum going toward our desires.

The concept also releases the expectation of getting things right the first time. After all, you may have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince or try a few different marketing approaches to attract the people you’d most like to serve in your business.

As powerful as the “fail forward fast” phrase is, I’ll share with you a revised version that has helped fast forward my desires from mere thoughts in my head to REAL experiences in my life.

Here’s my version…FEEL FORWARD FAST!

Feeling is the secret tool to getting what you want. Here’s how to use feeling as rocket fuel to expedite the arrival of your desires.


When you experience a wave of emotion during a movie, it’s because you’re seeing with total clarity what is happening to the characters.

Get absolutely clear about what you want by asking yourself questions like these:

  • Who will I get to be when this desire shows up?
  • What do I get to do, say, see, wear, experience?
  • How will life be different?
  • What will I love about this coming attraction?

Once you’ve become clear, you’ll need to dust off your childhood skill of pretending!


Pretend your desire has manifested and you’re experiencing it in all its glory.

Think about the answers to the questions above. Take in everything you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel in your body!

PLAY THE BIGGEST GAME OF PRETEND YOU POSSIBLY CAN! The goal is to make it feel so real in your mind that your body gets on board for the ride.


Allow the feelings and sensations from your grand game of pretend to flow through your body and mind. Revel in these feelings, marinate in them, amplify them like you’re trying to blow the speakers out!

Signs that you’re playing full out include:

  • a cat-like grin
  • uncontrollable giggling
  • goosebumps
  • spontaneous booty shaking
  • jumping up and down with child-like excitement
  • dancing (even without music)

Allow your clear vision to move into the realm of pretending so much that your body is overcome with the feelings you’ll experience once your desire arrives. That’s how you FEEL FORWARD FAST.

Experiencing in the present moment the same FEELINGS you’ll have when your desire manifests amplifies your energetic broadcast.

Reveling NOW in the feelings you’ll have when your desire arrives notifies the Universe that you’re ready, willing, and available.  It shows that you’ve got the capacity for that much JOY in your body and your life.

When you energetically declare you’ve got the emotional capacity to experience your desire, you’ve essentially created a big open space for it to land.  Because nature abhors a vacuum, the space you create must be filled. Guess what’s bound to land in the space you create?

This game works wonders!  I can’t say for sure why feeling is more effective than just saying the words, but I suspect it has to do with the power of feelings to transcend language.

Try it out for yourself and let me know what you’re experience is by sharing a comment below.

One quick warning on this powerful technique…

The Universe knows better than we do!  Sometimes something will show up that gives you the exact feelings you amplified in this process, but is nothing like what you expected.

For example, I’ve had graduates of Shrink Session (the online program for using your workout time to manifest desires into reality) who’ve shared that:

  • they thought they knew who their perfect man would be, but they met someone even better
  • they had a specific client they wanted, but the Universe delivered many high caliber clients (so many they were forced to grow the business)
  • one woman manifested a house far grander than she’d originally thought was in her budget, all from relaxing into the feelings she’d have being in her new space

These are the kind of things that happen when we stay focused on how we want to feel instead of how we think those feelings will come about.

The Universe supports us in feeling how we want to feel. So much so that it often provides bigger, better versions of our desires just to be sure we access the feelings we express readiness to experience.


The Shrink Session program uses the energy of your workouts, to call in your desires faster and more fiercely! Take the Shrink Session process for a FREE test drive by entering your name and email in the box below.


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