3 Ways Fitness Has Failed You

If your relationship with fitness has been more turbulent than a Hollywood romance, you’re not alone! And for good reason.

When it comes to fitness, we’ve been sold a false bill of goods!

We’ve been instructed to work out daily, to push harder, to go farther and to do it all faster. I sometimes wonder if the established model of fitness has done more harm than good.

From Crossfit’s dirty little secret of alarmingly high rates of thrombosis* to hot yoga’s overtaxing of the adrenals**, fitness has not only let you down, but put your health in jeopardy as well.



While daily movement is something I highly encourage, demanding any routine of yourself day after day without rotating the muscle groups being taxed disallows the necessary recovery time.  Part of the process of strengthening muscles requires that the tissue have time to build.


Have you heard of cortisol?  It’s a hormone that increases when your body is under stress. High-impact workouts, long duration cardio, and extreme fitness (which is relative to each of us) causes cortisol to rise. Not only is that unnecessarily taxing on your beautiful body, it also signals the body to store fat.  Isn’t that the opposite of what you’re aiming for when you work out?

3. OVER IT!:

All too often we turn to fitness to “fix” something like ditching the freshman 15 or dropping the pounds gained over a holiday. When we look to fitness only when we perceive ourselves as having done something wrong, we are setting ourselves up for physical activity to be an area of our lives in which we feel self-critical, judged, and imperfect.

What would you say to ending the love-hate relationship with fitness once and for all?

You deserve to work out from a space of WONDER!  As in, I wonder how good I’ll feel, I wonder what I’ll accomplish, I wonder if more of the real ME will show up when I find a workout groove I love.

In the Shrink Session program, we WONDER how quickly we can use the concentrated energy we work up during the 5, 20 or 40-minute sessions to bring our dreams to reality.

If you wonder what it would be like to channel the power you put into your fitness toward calling in your desires, I invite you to take the 5-In-5 Challenge by putting your name and email in the box below.


When you do, you’ll get a new video every day for 5 days that shows you a whole new way to work out, a way that works with the time you’ve got, accepts you as perfect NOW (not when you meet some future goal) and guides you toward a loving, rewarding relationship to fitness by combining mantras with movement and music.
See you in the first video!


* https://medium.com/@ericrobertson/crossfits-dirty-little-secret-97bcce70356d and https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2465453/

** “Is It Me Or My Adrenals” by Marcel Pick MSN, OB/GYN, NP, Hay House, Inc. 2011

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