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Hi, I’m Erin.

I love, and I mean LOVE, creative people with ideas that can change the world.

You MOVE me.

In a nutshell, my job is to MOVE you. Mentally, Spiritually, Emotionally, Financially, Physically.

I work with people in 2 ways that often overlap.

  1. I mentor and coach creative professionals, performing artists and entrepreneurs, by giving them practical techniques and strategies that book them more jobs, attract more clients, and produce more confidence in their work, business and life. (click here to find out more)

  2. I help you get that hot bod you wanted, once and for all. (click here to find out how we can move that body)

If you are talented, creative, generous and have mad skills that change people when you share them, then YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE.

And maybe because you are so damn smart and creative, ideas come to you in droves, but you don’t know which ones to take action on.

Well, if this is you, you are STILL in the right place. Instead of thinking about what might be nice someday (in your career, your body, your finances, your relationships), I am passionate about helping you do it,  have it,  and live it, moment to moment. It’s possible. It really is.

A few quick tidbits:

  • I’m from Chicago but I love New York City, where I now live.
  • I got shot on The Soprano’s by Steve Buscemi and have been in love with him ever since.
  • It’s really, REALLY hard to drag me off ANY dance floor. If the BEATS are there, so am I.
  • My Mom is an ovarian and breast cancer survivor. She inspires me. My Dad is a judge. He taught me to always be honest. My big Brother, Brian, is a financial guru and talking head on CNBC. He teaches me all I need to know about dolla dolla billz.

Below is my official bio, third person and all.

If you want to see all the fun/crazy things I have done as an actor, click here for my full acting reel and resume.

Now that you have stopped by, I hope you will come back for a visit, soon and drop me a line so I get to know a little about you.



Erin’s career began as a dancer after graduating with a BFA from University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. She toured with several renowned professional companies before moving into acting. Erin guest starred on TV shows including The Sopranos, Sex and The City, Chappelle’s Show, As the World Turns and Mad Men. She starred off Broadway in The Donkey Show and the Karaoke Show (both directed by Tony award winner, Diane Paulus) and as well as several independent films (click here for Erin’s acting reel and credits).

Erin wrote, performed and produced a sold out one-woman show, The Last Good Girl, where she learned that taking initiative and taking risks are essential if you are to succeed.

As a fitness professional and certified AFAA instructor, Erin is the face of and featured trainer in the #1 fitness app, PUMP ONE. She was formerly one of four intenSati Premier Leaders and studied closely with it’s creator, Patricia Moreno.

She is also a lifestyle and fitness expert for the HEALTHGURU.com website. She has appeared on Gaim’s Dance Core Cross Train video, The Today Show, The Dr. Oz Show, CW11 and BellaLife.com.

Shrink Session: Tony Your Body, Expand Your Mind has appeared in Glamour Magazine, Daily Candy, Hello Giggles, Shape.com and more.

Erin’s mission is to inspire, educate and empower people in a fun, entertaining, tell it like it is way.